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Blog- Doveston Works - To renumber or Not to renumber

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Morning all,


After looking long and hard at my 3 Bullieds side by side, 2 Blackmoor Vales and a Torrington, I've decided to renumber/name 1 possibly 2 of them into other machines. One of the Blackmoor Vales will become 21C119 'Bideford' and my Torrington might become 34066 'Spitfire'. Originally, I was only going to rename one of my Blackmoor Vales origninally but on looking into the BoBs and WCs, I discovered that Torrington had been rebuilt which for my layout, is kind of pointless as I only have Unrebuilt BoBs and WCs. But, its fictional preservation which gives more freedom but I want to be true to the fact the engine was rebuilt. I'm not totally decided about that one so any imput on this would be greatfully recieved :)


Ah well, I'm planning on using Fox Transfers Nameplates and decals for the renumber/naming(s). Any tips for this as this will be the first time I've renumbered/named a engine.


Until Next Time,




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