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Blog- The Penhydd Diary. - Penhydd..........Revisited Pt.2

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Evening All,


Thank's to the weather I have been stuck inside all day rather than being on gardening duty. So having reworked the loading gauge so it has a combination of wire rope and chain to operate the lifting sections it has been planted on the layout. I must thank both Mikkel and Nick for their ideas and research into the operating mech. cheers guy's.

The following sequence shows a goods train departing from Penhydd passing the new gauge.













I have also lightly weathered the mail van, some Cooper Craft trolleys are waiting to be built and added to the scene.




Another job has been started which involves detailing 4560, this is my second Bachmann Prarie and you may recall it had an Ultrascale wheel replacement some time ago. Today I made the etched No.plates using Martin Finney's components, the numbers have been secured with matt varnish and in a few day's time when all is set solid the plates will be painted matt black. Next job will be to rub the plate over fine wet and dry paper which will remove the paint from the raised surfaces allowing the brass numerals and plate frame to show through. Cheap and simple but best of all you can make any number you wish without having to order from the usual sources. A spot of varnish is all that is required to secure the plates on the model.




The balance weights were left over from a pair of Churchward Models 45xx kit's which I built years ago. The 45xx had two types of weight, the early small one's and later large type which are fitted on my model. These day's with the quality products from Bachmann and Hornby I am afraid I would rather spend a little time improving them than building etched kit's, as life is getting to short ! There is not much detail to add to these lovely little models, the usual pipework, couplings, extra lamp irons and lamps. A crew, slack pipe, smokebox dart, steam lance cock, real coal and ATC shoe should suffice I think ?


So there we are my next update should show 4560 complete together with a couple of BR MK1 57ft surburbans which have been mentioned previously.


What next ?.............. Well signalling needs urgent attention, new Comet chassis for my 14xx and Dean Goods, another small Prarie, two Panniers and a Collet Goods all await detail. This should be followed by some six wheel milk tanks for the dairy which is in the advanced planning stage, and last but not least the Hymek needs detailing and weathering.





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