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Blog- Nile_Griffith's Mk 3 Shunter Blog - Bogies!

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The only really serious bit of modelling is converting the bogies from being that of a 158 to those found on a Mk3.


Being particularly experienced in contemplating my navel. Spending time contemplating the make up of the bogies and routes to a final result where a piece of cake. making my mind up on the final process was a different matter altogether.


But in a condensed form...... This is what I did


Firstly the 158 wheels are too small. So a bag of Bach'y coach wheels where purchased and by pulling the 158 axles apart the drive cog was coaxed onto the new Coach wheel sets. (The Bachy coach wheels pull apart and the centre of the drive cog was opened out slightly for the slightly larger diameter of the axle put pushed on as a tight fit....... easy peasy!).


The 158 bogie side frames (already unclipped, because you've done the wheels haven't you?) Need a bit of careful slicing. Using a razor saw, I sliced of about 2mm of each side. This being the surface detail of the bogie. Hopefully the attached pic's will say more than my ramblings can. It's a straightforward process, just like most things. Be careful and don't rush it. Measure twice... drink tea/coffee..... measure twice again.... and then cut. Now repeat that mantra after me......


Now it's time to pull those horrendous plastic bogies of the Hornby Mk3. Remove the nasty plastic wheels. What you are aiming to do is cut out the central structure from the bogies, so that what you are left with is a square frame that carries the bogie detail and the coupling hook. Again I am pretty sure that the pictures will give the game away.


I should just mention that the pictures are made up after the project (see how much I think of RMWeb) and they are made up of spare components from the unpowered bogies and some trashed Mk3 bogies I had. The main reason for them is to be used as a guide. I'm depending on those interested to use their intelligence with this and not send me a bill for replacement bits.


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