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The M-K & Eastern RR Harbour branch

M Graff

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Hi all, I took some new pics of the SW today.

It is always hard to photograph black locomotives, but outdoors with some reflector screens, it works quite nice:






The rust on the sideframes with the soaked in oil is something I think worked out really great.



The custom made heralds is very nice to work with, really good quality! (thanks Jack)



All in all, I´m really happy with the result! :D

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I have bought some figures for the layout:


It was some need for some work crews for the yard duties

"Bob the brakeman", has the switch list at hand..



It looks a bit more "yard like" now I think... :D

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They are made by Noch:


I only had to give them a Raw umbre wash followed by some white drybrushing. That makes a big difference B).

I like the dynamics of these figures compared to some other makes on the market.....

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Yes, they don't have the stiffness that so many figures have...thats why I really like the poses.


They are made by Noch:


I only had to give them a Raw umbre wash followed by some white drybrushing. That makes a big difference B).

I like the dynamics of these figures compared to some other makes on the market.....

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I have some favorite "hate objects" in model railroading. Among other things, in terms of cliches .... :rolleyes:

For example, I would not like to have a church on the layout,

as there is one in every old track book!

The same applies to fire trucks .... Scenes of burning buildings with smoke generator and fire trucks with flashing lights ..... Not for me thanks :D.

I happened to see a kit that almost converted me!

A-(nother) Jordan-kit! An Ahrens Fox fire engine!?!.

I just had to buy it ..... But I couldn´t allow myself to paint it red!

Since my layout is depicting a big city in New England during World War II, one can imagine that there were variations on the theme.

Then I had an idea, because both the model year on the fire engine was a bit old, and it was wartime, it could be "normal" that they used older equipment as rescue vehicles.

In my case, I checked around and saw a lot of references to older material which was painted and served during the war. Several used by the U.S. Navy, and painted intermediate blue!

Said and done! That decided it.

A U.S. Navy fire engine, stationed in the harbor as an emergency vehicles in case of bombing or other sabotage (or even an explosion in the nearby "Hughes Industries" ;)).

This is the result:






I´m satisfied B)

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Fantastic, that looks really really great Michael. I have to also say that I've always admired the building in the background..the actual building color and the signage are super appeal ing to my eyes.

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I have been experimenting with the weathering on the rails and ballast.

I wanted it to have a more old and grimy look to suit the era and locale.

I painted each tie in a different colour and added some raw umber and pastels to the rails.






It sure looks a bit strange before the tie and ballast weathering is applied...

I applied a wash all over:







A bit of drybrushing and some weeds between the rails, then we´re almost there! :D

What do you think?

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Very good, Michael! I've gotta say though I'm really looking forward to you making your own trackwork!!!!!!!


Best, Pete.


Thanks Pete! I will soon add a small addition to the layout, featuring a turntable and a lighthouse B). I bought a load of code 70 tracks just to try to lay my own tracks, now I need to find some ties, rollers, nails and a good plier.... :D.

I got 50 meters of rail for £10 :pleasantry:, so I couldn´t resist....

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I just installed a ESU Loksound V4 micro in my Boxcab, I used the OEM-speaker and I think it is just wonderful!

There is noticeable improvement with this decoder compared with the 3.5.

I bought the "empty" decoder and used my Lokprogrammer to install the sound.

There is no soundfiles for a 1925 AGEIR Boxcab though....

But until I can find some nice sounds to make a soundproject of my own for it,I will use the sound that I installed as a "good enough" sound.

The sound is from a Baldwin VO6, and I think it sounds rather nice.

I made a small clip of it:


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I had some time to look over my layout, really taken the time to look at it.

I found a spot that looked bland and not suiting the feel I'm after for my layout.

It was hiding mid-center of the layout, maybe that's why I hadn't noticed it before..... :no:

I happened to be browsing thru eBay at the time, and found a bargain on a kit that I have wanted to own for a long time.

Nothing fancy or so, but it has always been either not really interesting for me at that time...... :scratchhead: or just way too expensive....

What I'm referring to is the Heljan Brewery!

I have actually never seen the kit in parts before, and by God, what a big kit it is!!


I started with measuring the site for my "city refurbishing", and began puzzling with the various parts in the kit.

After a while I found a pleasing idea that would suit the tracks and layout.

I then proceeded to clean out the area of the build:


I built it up in the basic form and tried it in place.


I think it works out rather good.

Now to the fun part; finishing it!


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I have started the painting of it, wich I find most enjoying!


I start by lightly priming it with white, not to cover, just to give some lightness and tooth to the surface.


I give it a wash of "light terracotta", followed by a wash of "burnt sienna".


This is how it looks "wet"....


I then paint all the concrete with a mix of white and raw umbre, wich I think gives the nicest concrete/stone look so far.....

Then I give it all a wash of Raw Umbre.

I will get back when it gets more done...


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Thanks for the tips on painting this - I've got one to build, judging by the size of it it's definitely going to dominate my layout.


I do appreciate the painting tips you and others give as I am as artistic as a sack of potatoes but would love to achieve something like the results which you do - please keep them coming.

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I probably only used 1/2 of the kit to build it.... :O


I have started the detail painting on the building.

I paint some bricks with yellow ochre and some with burnt sienna.



I then added a wash with orange and raw sienna.



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I have repainted the concrete and stone areas as they got some paint on them when I washed with the orange mix.....


I have also painted the foundation in a stone colour.

The wooden addition on top of the loading bay is now weathered to a state of dry rot :-)

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Thanks Gene! Try it, you'll certainly like it. :-)


I got my very first pre-ordered railroad related item in the mail today.

I ordered the Fox Valley Models HO scale wagon-top back in february, and paid it in september.

I really wanted to see how it looked and worked, as I have no previous experience of FVM's models.

This is the box:


Really good looking, and the content was no disappointment either!:




Highly recommended manufacturer in my opinion!

Good to see some high quality items for reasonable money as a change... [:D]

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Some more progress on the building.

I've painted all the windows, glassed them and glued them in place.

I used a greenish brown paint, just to make the window frames less protruding. They are a bit on the thick side, so a light color wouldn't have looked as nice I think...

Now it looks more finished:




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Hi again, some news from the M-K & Eastern RR.

I just finished a painting that I made that depicts the harbour of my layout at night.


This one is acrylic on canvas and is 12" x 16".

I just have to do some "regular" paintings sometimes.


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  • 4 weeks later...

As it was shown in another forum a scratchbuilt Camelback, I just felt like that was something I had to try!

The one shown was a 0-6-0 type, but I don't have any suitable donors for that....

After looking in the Steam locomotive cyclopedia, I saw a Reading 2-8-0 Camelback.

That meant we were in business!


I have come some way in the conversion of my locomotive to a Camelback.... But to give some more insight into it, we start by showing the donor for the conversion:


A Bachmann Spectrum 2-8-0 Consolidation with a Soundtraxx decoder (retrofitted). It's a fantastic locomotive in relation to the price. But as I have too many, it would be fun to be able to convert it into a "more appropriate" locomotive .... ;)


Bachmann's locomotive is very similar with an Illinois Central locomotive, but not with a Camelback:


Here is the locomotive on top of the drawing of an IC 2-8-0 locomotive.


Camelback locomotives with a 2-8-0 wheel arrangement is a little bit smaller however, at least the kind I have the drawings of.


It all works but will be convincing with some selective compression, or rather expansion as the donor engine is a bit longer in the wheelbase ....


I started by removing the shell from the locomotive and removed all lose parts! : O

Then I made a new boiler of Plasticard, I made it by rolling plasticard on a metal tube of suitable diameter (22 mm in my case), and then dip it in boiling water for 5 minutes. When it cooled, it retains the shape!


I took the cab from the donor and made a new rear end that fitted the boilers shape. Then I did the fire box in the same principle as the boiler, though I used a bent brass sheet for that form instead. The roof over the fireman is from an extra ALCO RS-3 cab I had in my scrap box.


I glued the stack, domes, bell, air pump, alternator, and tanks in place and suddenly it starts to look like a locomotive!

I will post more pics as the build continues. :)

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