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Blog- Somercombe - More new stock at Somercombe

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Just about finished my 2H, just a lick of paint to tone down the Black Beetle wheels. Sitting here in the bay waiting to depart for Yeovil Town. Gloucester MPV is on a run down to Exeter, while 3MT is on the Exeter-Salisbury service.





Ignore the front bogie from my S15 lying behind the platformhttp://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/public/style_emoticons/default/blush.gif .


Both of the units are ones I have always had a liking for. My Grandfather moved to Ropley in the early '60s and 2Hs were a constant feature of the line and as I never saw them elsewhere, they became known as Ropley diesels. I can remember seeing a Gloucester MPV somewhere when I was young. Another unit I would love is a Swindon Inter-City (later class 124).


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