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RevolutioN announce N gauge Sturgeon wagons

Revolution Ben

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...or rather, "Sturgeon!" Declares Revolution at Model Rail Scotland.






Revolution Trains is proposing the long-lived and versatile Sturgeon wagon as its next model aimed at the transition era enthusiast.  Based on a 1940s LNER design, and built from the mid-1950s onwards, they've seen service across the Network from Cornwall to the North of Scotland and from West Wales to East Anglia. Designed to carry all manner of engineers' supplies, these characterful wagons feature distinctive low decks and while most were built with 7 drop down doors these, and the ends, were removable and many ran as flat wagons to carry track panels. They could be seen in short cuts with other engineers' wagons such as Dogfish, Grampus or Salmons, or in longer rakes in track renewal trains.


The Revolution model will be produced by the same team that designed the Class B tankers, the first of which are scheduled for delivery very soon, and will feature similar levels of detail and finish. To ensure the models are adequately weighted a large part of the deck will be diecast, and the model will feature NEM Couplers and, in the case of the versions without doors, removable ends. The wagons were delivered in black, and Revolution are offering versions in the original livery with and without doors and in single and triple packs. A small number received the short-lived Gulf red livery, and this will also be offered in doorless versions only. From the mid 1960s, with the adoption of British Rail's corporate image, departmental stock was repainted into olive green and this will be depicted on both 7-door and flat versions in single and triple packs. In the late 1980s, with sectorisation, the Civil Engineering "Dutch" livery was introduced; the flat wagons were predominantly yellow, while those wagons that still retained doors had the standard grey/yellow colours.  Again, both these variants will be offered.


We anticipate this model will be priced between £28-30 and as ever we can only move forward with development and production if we know there is demand.


A small deposit secures your model and will get the project started.  As ever we will only produce models to match pre-orders.  While some retailers do pre-order models, these are invariably sold at a higher price, so there is nothing to be gained  by delaying your order, and the sooner we reach minimum numbers the sooner we can begin development.






Our Cargowaggon twin vans were unveiled at the DEMU Showcase exhibition in June, and we now have painted samples, so with enthusiastic support our models can progress quickly through the development process. We are hoping that the widespread appeal of this characterful wagon, and the successful delivery of the attractive Class B tankers, will encourage modellers to back our third crowd-funded project aimed at the transition era.




This wonderfully evocative image shows a Black 5 on a short engineers train at Litherland in the 1960s.  The first wagon behind the loco is a 7-door Sturgeon in black livery.




Here, in the BR Blue era, 25159 passes Syston with a short rake comprising a brake van, an open wagon (possibly Grampus) and three Sturgeons with the doors removed but the ends still in place.




The wagons lasted well into the 21st century; here a single Sturgeon in CE "Dutch" livery is seen behind an EWS liveried Class 37 at Whifflet, near Coatbridge, in 2002.

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Hi All,


Please find enclosed a selection of pictures from my 'Stewarts Lane' project, featuring an active 'Sturgeon' wagon, #994900, based in Central London.


I hope these pics are useful either for RevolutioN or modellers reference material for weathering etc, these are my pics and so there are no restrictions on use.


#994900 is currently in use as an 'Internal User' vehicle and is used to carry all manner of parts around it's home depot.






































































Apologies for such a large post but I hope these come in useful...Best Wishes to 'RevolutioN' on your project,


Kindest Regards,




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I take it the website page to place orders/expressions of interest for these is not live yet?  Can't seem to find it on the website other than the news announcement which is replicated in the opening post of this thread.

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Another inspired choice from Revolution! I’m sure I’ll find room in the PW sidings for some of these. And how appropriate that a “Wee Nicky” should be announced at ModelRail Scotland!

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Any word yet on when we can start placing orders, I would certainly like to throw some hard earned cash your way to put my name down for a couple.

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Only just seen this product proposal. Departmental wagons are crying out to be modelled especially in N where space considerations for realistic formations are less of an issue.


Interested in some in the 1980s CivIl Engineers Dutch livery.


Where do you order these from?

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Through the RevolutioN website, however it seems to have gone very quiet, the pre-order/expression of interest page has not appeared yet.

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On their newsletter that was emailed out there was an update saying the they will now be opening the order / expression of interest page once they have some CAD's to show. 


Through the RevolutioN website, however it seems to have gone very quiet, the pre-order/expression of interest page has not appeared yet.

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