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buffer beam detailing etc

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Hi all

after returning to OO gauge after a dabble into N gauge I have bought some new locos.

the Improvement in OO gauge is incredible when I started out all we had was Hornby's class 37 then along came Lima's version so much better. but looking at the Bachmann class 37 WOW detail is incredible I could never have dreamed of anything that good straight out of a box before. We used to have to spend hours adding details to your locos not anymore.

the extra detailing parts for the buffer beams are a welcome development. however on the Bachmann 37 for example there are not enough air brake pipes 1 for each end where there should be 4 for each end. OK its not a huge deal to use some old telephone wire to make extra pipes, but why couldnt the manufacturer got it right in the first place? and I found that some of the holes were too small for the parts to fit into, OK not a big job to drill them out a bit to get them to fit.

the next model I got was the Heljan 26 the snowploughs look good but how do they fit on? the instructions don't tell you, there are 4 lugs but no holes on the loco for the lugs to fit into. I know there is another thread on here that covers the snowplough subject. but why can we not get better instructions It wouldn't cost anymore money to print them than it does to print ones that don't help.

Also the instructions don't tell you what type of glue to use.

I don't want to sound ungrateful I think we are now getting the type of model we were always asking for the detail is fabulous. but just let down by silly little things that would not have cost much to get right

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