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Rescheduled Norfolk & Suffolk NGM 4th Open Day Sat 1st September 2018

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We have rescheduled our show for 1st September.

Norfolk & Suffolk NGM 4th open day.

Saturday 1st September 2018
10.00am - 4.00pm
Blyburgate Hall (former St John Ambulance Hall)
NR34 9TF.

There is no parking at the hall other than disabled, please use nearby local public car park (behind the library and near to the Roys Store) signposted just up from the hall on opposite side of road.
Adults £3.00
Accompanied under 16's Free.
Light refreshments available.
There will be three rooms being used but I'm afraid the third smaller room is not accesable to wheelchair users.
The 009 Society Sales stand will be attending.
Yellow Ridge Mine - Gn15 - Nick Wright
Butley Quay - 009 - Peter Rednall
Meanderbahn - Hoe - Brian Meldon
Royston Wharf - 009 - Royston & District MRC
Castle Quay - 009 - Chris O'Donoghue
Longstone - Gn15 - Graham Watling
Cilffyrdd Corris - 009 - Stuart Hughes
Arendt Spitze 2 - O.16.5 - James Corsi
Newlands Farm - Gn15 - Barry Weston
Birds Folly - 009 - Stewart Green
Old Chapel Yard - 009 - Jim Bamber
Petersdorf OBB - HOe - Peter Cady

Gestup St Anne - O.16.5 - Derek Reeve

More to be announced soon
The N&SNGM group will be having the final of their challenge with winner announced during the afternoon.
Alan Fuller will be doing modelling demonstrations
Trade & Societies:
Bure Valley Railway & BVR Model Shop http://www.bvrw.co.uk/
James Corsi 7mm sales
Southwold Railway Trust https://www.southwoldrailway.co.uk/


N Drive Productions https://www.n-driveproductions.com/




Halesworth to Southwold Narrow Gauge Railway Society

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The line up for our show is now complete with the following additions:

Petersdorf OBB - HOe - Peter Cady

Gestup St Anne - O.16.5 - Derek Reeve

N Drive Productions



And a reminder our show is less than a month away.

Look forward to seeing some of you there.

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Just when I thought we had sorted the show another unfortunate spanner throws itself in the works.


An exhibitor has to go in hospital for a op so we have had to replace Woody Bay.


Birds Folly - 009 - Stewart Green will now be attending.


Also the recently formed Halesworth to Southwold NGRS will be having a stand.


Hope to see you on the 1st

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Just under 2 weeks to the rescheduled Norfolk & Suffolk Narrow Gauge Modellers Open Day Exhibition on Sat 1st Sept.


If you're interested in modelling NG railways there will be 13 layouts in various scales, the only chance to see Narrow Planet and N Drive productions in East Anglia this year plus the 009 Society Sales, A1 Models, Norfolk Heath Works for more NG trade.


Various society stands also attending and light refreshments available. Hope to see you there.

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Just a week to go to our show.


Narrow Planet will have their new stand making its show debut. They will also have some items back in stock.


There will be plenty to see and buy on the day.

See you there.

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We had a very successful show with 298 through the doors. The hall and two other rooms were rammed at 11ish.

We would like to thank all the exhibitors, traders and visitors for attending plus a special mention to the members of Great Yarmouth Brass who did the catering. My mother also assisted them

Our next open day is on Saturday 2nd March 2019.

The group had their new banner out for the first time

30551475118_94c6deef00_c.jpgIMG_0881 by Richard Doe, on Flickr

Meanderbahn - HOe - 

43511359985_dda763fac3_c.jpgIMG_0884 by Richard Doe, on Flickr

Butley Quay - 009 - 

29482260887_1feab79696_c.jpgIMG_0886 by Richard Doe, on Flickr

Royston Wharf - 009 - Royston & District MRC

30551206288_17db2ddb48_c.jpgIMG_0890 by Richard Doe, on Flickr

Longstone - Gn15 - 

29482055177_f1291fd09d_c.jpgIMG_0895 by Richard Doe, on Flickr

Yellow Ridge Mine - Gn15 - 

30551104958_a9fa0da3b6_c.jpgIMG_0896 by Richard Doe, on Flickr

The three challenge entries, the middle one won.

30551021188_486667022b_c.jpgIMG_0899 by Richard Doe, on Flickr

Bure Valley Railway

44419960671_9d19644edd_c.jpgIMG_0900 by Richard Doe, on Flickr

Southwold Railway Trust

44419944491_bf341cb99b_c.jpgIMG_0901 by Richard Doe, on Flickr

Cilffyrdd Corris - 009 - 

43701866254_3abd696215_c.jpgIMG_0902 by Richard Doe, on Flickr

Norfolk Heath Works

44369886212_e695e26378_c.jpgIMG_0904 by Richard Doe, on Flickr

Narrow Planet

30550920488_aed7af4024_c.jpgIMG_0905 by Richard Doe, on Flickr

Petersdorf OBB - HOe - 

44419837871_c27b84770c_c.jpgIMG_0906 by Richard Doe, on Flickr

Gestup St Anne - O.16.5 - 

42610183410_c56543d74e_c.jpgIMG_0910 by Richard Doe, on Flickr

N Drive Productions

43701679194_50f0e3796b_c.jpgIMG_0912 by Richard Doe, on Flickr

Castle Quay - 009 

44419716061_27006e467f_c.jpgIMG_0914 by Richard Doe, on Flickr

009 Society Sales

43701642504_3948e0c2d5_c.jpgIMG_0915 by Richard Doe, on Flickr

A1 Models

29481697887_e0427af5f9_c.jpgIMG_0916 by Richard Doe, on Flickr

Arendt Spitze - O.16.5 and 7mm sales

43510728295_89a93ecf43_c.jpgIMG_0917 by Richard Doe, on Flickr

Birds Folly - 009 -  & The Halesworth to SouthwoldNGRS

43701500264_f40038c710_c.jpgIMG_0922 by Richard Doe, on Flickr

Newlands Farm - Gn15

42609969260_bdb64907da_c.jpgIMG_0923 by Richard Doe, on Flickr


modelling demonstrations. 

29481505807_367c4b1398_c.jpgIMG_0925 by Richard Doe, on Flickr


Old Chapel yard - 009 

43510947015_fdfe17b04e_c.jpgIMG_0927 by Richard Doe, on Flickr

Full Album here







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Thanks for sharing the pics' :) Some really lovely looking layouts and stalls there. All good for idea's and inspiration for my own little N.G. 009 project.  :mail:


Thank you, glad you found them of interest. Look forward to seeing your new project.

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