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barrow street


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That layout is fabulous, more akin to film making standards of modelling. Every time I see it I am bowled over. It just reeks of city railway atmosphere. Anthony Smyth posted pics over on FB group of his recently weathered spoil wagons, stunning change in appearance for the better. His sublime weathering soften the bright yellow plastic on the eyes and make the models look extremely desirable.

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Barrow Street Update

Its been a while since my last posting regarding Barrow Street and one of the problems was that the layout was never able to be fully assembled in the existing spot. For the last year minus mishaps (that's another story) I bit the bullet and started to build a new shed to fit Barrow Street. Work is still ongoing and hopefully major works will be completed this year (see attached photos in no particular order) and I can get back trying to complete Barrow Street.





20220306_174602 (1).jpg

20220306_174738 (1).jpg

20220315_153608 (1).jpg







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