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All new RTR PGA wagon in 2mm scale


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Hi all,


In case it's of use here are some images I took of trains featuring these wagons in 2014 on the lines around Ely.  Berfore being displaced by HOAs the PGAs offered by Cavalex were often seen in fabulous mixed trains with other PGA types and bogie hoppers, includnig those offered by Farish and the NGS.


Manea March 2014



Barway March 2014




Whittlesey November 2014:




At this time nearly all the PGAs were unbranded and debranded, though one still carried partial LaFarge livery, and all I photographed had had the ladders removed.






Ben A.

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2 hours ago, Scott B said:



In the image linked previously in this thread (and here again below) the third wagon back is what I take to be the (standard) Redland livery which is available in packs CM PG012 N (R) TP A/B/C/D, the bracketed (R) being for Redland I assume, and either with or without the protection panel.

Product Description

Set of 3 Redland PGA 51T Hopper Wagons


The fourth, fifth and 6th wagons back are what I would assume to be the Larger Redland CM PG012 N (LR) TP A (the bracketed (LR) being for Large Redland I assume.

Product Description

Set of 3 Redland Large Logo PGA 51T Hopper Wagons


It is clear that this version, which I think first appeared early 1989, maybe  late 1988 ? have a larger Redland logo to me, as you would expect with a Large Logo Redland product description.

I do not believe you have any of these illustrated Paul as your collection predates these from what I have observed.


I hope that clears things up and I apologise for the lack of clarity previously, maybe it was not as obvious as I thought, or maybe I have it all wrong  and the Large Redland Logo is not what I thought it to be, ie the fouth, fifth and six wagons as per the illustration.

I was just trying to get things clearer for those with lesser knowledge of the liveries than myself, not that I am an officianado by any stretch of the imagination, but if i am correct, the larger logo is not depicted as such in the train pack illustration as to my eye it appears the same size as the normal Redlands.





Fair enough, you are talking about the third 'Redland' livery and that wasn't clear to me. The models appear to represent the second 'Redland' livery, when the dark band was removed and the writing increased in size but still aligned with the top of the flat side, not central on the panel. It was still a livery in use in 1999 https://PaulBartlett.zenfolio.com/redlandpga/ece5df61b and probably for sometime later. 





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6 hours ago, Revolution Mike said:

Great news! Really pleased to see these resurrected. 

For the thick/lazy amongst us which were the latest versions - I presume the Lafarge then the blanked out and white ones?


Cheers Mike


Thanks Mike.


Yes you are correct, Lafarge, white with patch and then plain white.


Thanks again to you and Ben for your support. It is much appreciated.

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Nice to see this project return....


I used to see the Redland ones regularly in my youth whilst waiting for trains at Peterborough.


The version I really wanted though, as it fits with my modelling (and also used to see in later years), is the LaFarge livery.... but, unless I am mistaken, this is only being offered with ladders [good], but without protection panels [what?!].... the protection panels were what made these wagon distinctive and is how I remember the vast majority - a search on Flickr confirms my memory is still fine!


Is the lack of protection panels for pack CM PG012 correct(?), given that all the promotional material, including photos of an actual livery sample(!) shows the protection panels....!  As it stands, the marketing material is at best misleading, but also seems an odd choice of detail permutation to offer, given the scarcity on a livery for which you are only offering one pack.... 


So is the spec on the RoS website incorrect, or if not, Is there a chance that an addition pack with ladders and with protection panels might be added in LaFarge?


I had originally expressed an interest in quite a number of wagons when offered directly, but the LaFarge livery was offered with ladders and panels.... 


Would be good to get thoughts from the Cavalex guys.... perhaps the combination I’m interested in was the least popular when offered directly.... and I understand not everyone’s wishes will be catered for....

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Good evening JR_P, thank you for your message and feedback.

We are glad to hear that you are pleased to see our N PGA project move forward.

Regarding the protection panels, the configuration that you mention, protection panels with ladders and walkways, in Lafarge livery did not seem that popular a choice when we previously offered the PGA in N. 
What we are currently offering is the most common configuration for that livery, ladders and walkways but without protection panels. Whilst some examples did continue with protection panels fitted in this particular livery, from research conducted it seems that more ran without the protection panels. This is why we are offering this particular configuration to cover the more common wagon configuration.

Here are a few links to Flickr which I thought might be useful:


PGA REDA 14838 Toton 19112002 34 view


PGA REDA 14752 TJH03 Trowse 16th October 2000 Copyright Tim Horn


PGA REDA 14803 TJH03 Trowse 16th October 2000 Copyright Tim Horn


Chloe Jade at Barrow on Sour 27-11-00


Picturejuly08e 018


Picturejuly08e 016

14828 kept the protection panels:


14828 at Ely

We will certainly discuss the protection panels and the Lafarge livery with Rails of Sheffield as a suggestion for future production runs.

Many Thanks.

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I had a close up look at the N Gauge PGA EPs at Model Rail Scotland and was extremely impressed with them. They will certainly make for impressive rakes!



There are some more images here


Delivery is currently expected around Q3 this year. 




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