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DMU Photography - Away from the Three-Quarter View

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150 219 forming 2F33 1947 Paignton to Exmouth. Pictures at Powderham cycle path bridge.

Moon in the distance over the Exe estuary



Heading into the sunset


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Under a cloudless sky on 10th August 2022, a Northern class 195 crosses Beacon Hill viaduct on the approach to Halifax station, just out of view to the left, with a service from Leeds to Chester.



The large building just visible on the left, formerly Albion Mills, was part of the factory for Mackintosh's toffee, subsequently after merger in 1969 'Rowntree Mackintosh' and since the take over in 1988 now part of Nestlé.  The large production facility there is, amongst other confectionary products, the home of 'Quality Street'. 


From the other side of Beacon Hill viaduct, another Northern class 195 slows for its booked stop at Halifax with a service from Leeds to Manchester Victoria. 


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