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RAILEX 2019 (Aylesbury) 25 & 26 May

David Bigcheeseplant

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Hello All


We have now gone live with our Advance Ticket sales.


Please see below pdf file for instructions on how to purchase them.




The information and more can also be found on the Railex 2019 website http://www.railex.org.uk


We hope that it will make it a lot easier to purchase.


Remember on Sunday only - up to 2 children admitted free with an accompanying paying adult




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Added Sunday details, pdf file updated.
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Hello All


Remember that if you fill in one of our Visitor Questionnaires at the Exhibition you have the chance to Win the First Prize of a Family Travel Pass to Travel with Chiltern Railways (a family travel pass is valid for 2 Adults and 2 Children to travel for one day, off-peak, return anywhere along the route).
There is a Second Prize of Two Complimentary Adult Tickets to Next Year's Exhibition.




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Here is the floor plan with names and numbers.

Railex 2019-blocks-page-001 (1).jpg

Stand No Stand Name Stand No Stand Name
1 Railex Information Point
2 R&DMRC Club Stand
3 R&DMRC Club Second-Hand Sales
4 Tim Horn Lasercut Baseboards
5 Wizard Models Limited
6 Green Scene
7 247 Developments
8 Gramodels
9 ALL Components
10 Roger Carpenter Photographs
11 N Brass Locos
12 D&E Videos - Realtrack Models - DC Kits
12A Legomanbiffo - Superior Sounds
13 Eileen's Emporium
14 Modelu
15 Wild Swan Books Ltd
16 Isinglass Models
17 M.A.R.C. Models
18 Plus Daughters
19 Tools 2000
20 Ian's Trains
21 Cheltenham Model Centre
22 Shawplan Model Products
23 C&L Finescale Track Building Systems Ltd
24 PenBits Model Railways
24A Rumney Models
25 High Level Kits
26 Alan Gibson
27 Sherton Abbas
28 Arun Quay
29 Penfold Priory
30 The ScaleSeven Group
31 Gauge O Guild
32 Central Works
33 Newhurst
34 Crowsnest Wharf
35 The 2mm Scale Association

36 Jerry Clifford 2FS Demo

37 Mini-MSW 'The Banking'

38 Wickwar

39 Llangerisech

40 Bill Hudson Transport Books

41 Golden Arrow Productions

42 Hobby Holidays

43 Roxey Mouldings

44 Taff Vale Models

45 Minerva Model Railways

46 Missenden Abbey Railway Modellers’ Residential Courses

47 Model Railway Developments

48 Severn Models

49 Dart Castings

50 Judith Edge Kits

51 South Eastern Finecast

52 Replica Railways

53 Sunningwell Command Control Ltd

54 Newhaven Harbour

55 London Road Models

56 New Kensal Green

57 Ellesmere

58 Scalefour Society

59 Leysdown

60 Petite Properties Ltd

61 MegaPoints Controllers

62 AMBIS Engineering

63 Pendon Museum

64 Leighton Buzzard (Linslade)

65 Longwood Edge

66 Midland in Bristol

67 Newton Heath Works

68 Cameo Callaton

69 Bottom Works Sidings

70 Dewerstone

71 Lananta Quay

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On 10/12/2018 at 10:10, David Bigcheeseplant said:

We hopefully we be able to take card payments for entry at the stadium desk for ticket sales on the vitage bus this will remain cash only.

What time will the Railex ticket desk be open from?

I mentioned this, as from past experience, tickets that are being purchased via a card take far longer to issue, meaning there will be a much longer queue to get in. At Spalding last year, they decided to take cards, I arrived as usual, an hour after opening time and would normally walk almost straight in, but this year, I could believe just how long the queue was and it was a good 30mins before I got in, not good if it`s raining!

Maybe a good case to buy an advance ticket?      

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I will find out what time we are opening the cash desks normally we do this well before the show opens so people can then wait either in the cafe or in the balcony over looking the hall. We should have tap and pay card machine so unless people need a receipt which we can either email or send by text unfortunately we can’t print a receipt. this should not really take too long.



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Thanks for your reply  

I believe that it would be a good idea to have that information posted predominantly outside the entrance informing those Patrons wishing to pay by card that there will be no printed receipts being issued, to stop any arguments of those “few” who want a receipt but don’t have either an email account or a mobile phone! Yes, I`m afraid they still do exist.

I assume that you will be having 2 ticket desks, if so, I would strongly advise that one be allocated for payment of cash only, while the other for cards and cash. That was one of the problems at Spalding, their 2 ticket desks were taking both cards and cash and it was taking the card payments that was the main cause of the long queues and I believe they were able to print off their receipts. By having to take mobile or email details for those card paying Patrons who require a receipt, will just add up to even more delays at the ticket desks.

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It's £9.00 to get in. Presumably everybody knows this before heading off to the show. How difficult is it to arrange to have a tenner in your pocket.


Jerry, baffled by the problems and issues people seem to invent because they are incapable of getting just a little bit organised.

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We will start to sell tickets at 9.30 and will have two people doing this during the busy times. In previous years the stadium staff have sold the tickets this year we have to do it. But will be from the same place on reception as you come through the main entrance. Tickets will need to be shown as you enter the main hall for RAILEX. We tend to queue people down the side corridor and let them in via additional doors on opening on Saturday morning. 





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As Railex is only a few weeks away here is another photo of Arun Quay by Gordon Gravett. 


We have yet to find out the Chiltern Railways timetable for the weekend, as there maybe changes due to on the Saturday the League 2 Playoff Final, and on the Sunday the League 1 Playoff Final, but we will do the best to ensure that our vintage bus links with the arriving trains in the morning and departing trains in the afternoon.





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On 26/04/2019 at 19:55, bourneagain said:

those Patrons wishing to pay by card that there will be no printed receipts being issued


to stop any arguments of those “few” who want a receipt but don’t have either an email account or a mobile phone!


Yes, I`m afraid they still do exist.


Yes, we do and make absolutely no apology whatsoever for doing so!


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9 hours ago, Captain Kernow said:

Yes, we do and make absolutely no apology whatsoever for doing so!


So I was correct in my assumption that there are still those who don`t have a mobile phone or an email address, which is fair enough.

The point I was making was directed at those who won`t be aware of this restriction at the time of paying by card, then stand at the ticket desk, holding up the queue while they insist that they be given a receipt for their transaction.

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