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MOMING'18 as part of the WNMRE 24-25 Nov 2018

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With two and a half weeks to go a note of the attending minimum gauge layouts (alphabetical order) is as follows.


 "Afon Adit" ("O9") - Martin Rich


"Allerdale Farm" ("O9") - Mathew Wathen


"Berger Hall" (1:24) - Bill Corser


"Borth, Aberdovey, and Ynylas Railway" (1:12) - Allen Law and Jez Kirkwood


“Castle Works” (1:25) – Andi Nethercoat


“Derwent Road” (“O9”) – Bill Floude (RM, Dec 2018)


“Hook Basin” (1:25) – Richard Williams (RM, Oct 2012)


“Pyn Valley Railway” (1:43.5) – Christopher Payne (RM, Nov 2018)


“Scratchey Bottom Halt” (“Gn15”) – Michael Walshaw (BRM, Dec 2018)


Selection of micro layouts (various) – Simon Andrews


“Yellow Ridge Uranium Mine” (1:24) – Nick Wright (NG&IRMR No 102)




I would also draw attention to the other narrow gauge layouts that are listed here (I do not know if this list is up to date).







MOMING Co-ordinator

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