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Class 101 J15 Locomotive


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Castlefinn, I spoke with Andrew at Doncaster  Shoe and he said they do not do that style of tender spring also trawled his Web site just in case!, S.E.finecast, Roxey Mouldings, Gibsons cat;and I'm not looking in the right place!! :wacko:.

    Kirley, which sound file did you use for your J15?   Mick

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I was speaking to Roderick of 00 Works the other day regarding his next potential Irish project and I drew the conversation around to whether he had any of his J15s left.


Unusually for him, he produced a modest number "on spec" and these remain unsold as of a week ago.


So, if you want one, I'd get in there quickly. He does not do reruns!


Which brings me to another query I made of him, re the Class UG he did a couple of years ago. I'm afraid that he isn't interested in rerunning that for the odd dozen which I have on my list, so if you want a Class UG, you'll have to wait for some of us to leave them to you in our wills!




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