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Class 25 photos

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Good idea.


A few from my collection:

40855409501_bbe3dcb42e_z.jpg5167 by Robert Carroll, on Flickr


40813965382_bbe3dcb42e_z.jpgD5195_LincolnStMarks by Robert Carroll, on Flickr


5076608986_5eaeeecb46_z.jpgD7645_KenO_7-7-67 by Robert Carroll, on Flickr


2189927357_f10ce77572_z.jpg?zz=1D7671_Kingmoor_9-9-67_m by Robert Carroll, on Flickr


2578186937_57b0a94796_z.jpg?zz=125301_Exeter_28-4-76 by Robert Carroll, on Flickr

And here is 7671 34 years later at Butterley!



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Why are people obsessed with putting headlights on locos that never had them?

Its not that you can actually see much with them and preserved railways don't need advance warnings to lineside staff.

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Toton 6th November 1982.


25/2   25245.  


Note the small black circle located centrally low down on the cab front. This was a fitting for a radio telephone cable wire to enable the driver and guard to communicate when the loco was used to haul Royal trains,  25245 was a regular on these duties.





25/3   25284




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A class 25, believed to be 262, stands in Leighton Buzzard station, on an overhead wiring train. Unfortunately I don't know the exact date, but it is sometime around summer 1979. The photo was taken from the fence that bordered the car park, roughly where the shed stood. The train stands in platfrom 4, on the Up Slow, underneath the lattice work iron bridge which acts as a footpath connecting Linslade. Parts of this bridge date back to the 1880's at least, and possibly earlier. The decks were raised in the 1960's to provide clearance for the OHL, then being put up. Some of the bridge decks came from Sears Crossing, a couple of miles south, and very close to where Mr Biggs and his thugs did their job in 1963. The columns supporting it were cast by ISCA Foundry, Newport, who were responsible for many large railway castings such as water cranes,and are probably the only surviving original parts of the bridge, and date from when the railway was widened to 4 tracks in the 1880's, if not earlier.
The bridge is currently (2019) closed due to corroded ironwork, and is believed to be not long for this world.
Just look at those cars! Most are classics now, but I doubt if more than a handful have survived.


2nd January 1979, 25 178 is seen stabled on Bletchley TMD. There had been a very cold snap, with a fair amount of snow, and there had been problems with class 310 EMUs icing up. Dad went to Bletchley to have a look at some units stabled there, and took me with him.


A pair of 25's hustle the Forders Sidings-Kings Cross fletliner, the "brickies", through Leighton Buzzard.
With around 1200 tons of bricks in tow, the 25's will be working hard all the way from gaining the main line at Bletchley, to Tring summit.
They would pass LB at around 7.20pm, doing between 50 & 60mph, and making a good racket. On occasion, there would be sparks & flames coming from the exhausts.
The empty space in the foreground are the old Dunstable branch platforms.


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Here's 25191 again, this time at Grosmont on 23/04/1988, during the NYMR diesel gala weekend, wearing a nice scruffy shade of genuine BR blue. The loco had been on the NYMR for a few months, and remained almost continually in traffic until stopped in 2000. It was stored in the headshunt at the end of Grosmont MPD, and barely turned a wheel until moving to the SDR at Buckfastleigh in about 2015. It is currently being restored, and hopefully isn't far off returning to service.

I wonder what the two chaps at left are saying? 



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Cracking idea for a thread! Got a few Rat pics I've gathered over the years, some mine, some from other snappers...


Photographer unknown with this one, but a nice angle...




Photo by Alan Bayliss, Wednesbury Town in March '74...




One of my grainy Kodak instamatic efforts, 25 136 takes rest at Nuneaton in December '82...




Photographer unknown, 25 258 at Banbury in February '83...




Photographer unknown, 25 005 at Carstairs in '78...






Photographer unknown, 25 069 at Stafford during the 'Winter of discontent', 22nd January 1979...









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I can’t see much evidence in these photos of the beige fibreglass semi-translucent roofs that seem to be omnipresent on models nowadays, and from memory they were blue (at least during the last 10 years of 25s being around, which is what I can remember).


Just to double-check, does anyone have any good shots from above, especially when nearly ex-works. Were the roofs painted?

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The 'Yorkie Pudding' railtour at Derby on 4th April 1983, an epic day out with several changes of traction...






A Grahame Wareham shot of D7534 at Euston in 1970...




Photos c/o Craig Donald : two pre-Tops blue Rats at Northampton on a foggy day in 1973...




A pair of Rats heading down to Northampton Bridge Street in 1973...






A pair of Rats on a diverted working near Boughton Crossing on the Northampton - Market Harborough line c.1974...















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Thanks to everyone for the enthusiastic response to this thread. Some great photos and comments.


It's good to see that the 25s are still popular with modellers and enthusiasts. Looking at all the photos made me think that I couldn't imagine a 25 painted in any of the later liveries that other BR locos received.


For such a numerous class, 25s were not a common sight in the North East in the 1980s, however, a trip to Carlisle would usually produce a sighting or two.










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Hands up anyone who loved them in their day but somehow still took them for granted! More from the archives, snappers unknown...


The very first loco I ever drove as a wet behind the ears Secondman, 25 051...

attachicon.gif25 051 Thornaby 16th January 1982.jpg


25 036 in 'economy green' at Longsight, c.1974 I suspect...

attachicon.gif25 036 Longsight GFYE.jpg


5226 on the now lifted Bescot Up Reception Sidings in the early '70s...

attachicon.gifD5226 Bescot Up Receptions.jpg


D5228 in 'economy green' at Crewe Diesel c.1970...

attachicon.gifD5228 Crewe Diesel.jpg


Taking an early evening rest in the south end bays at Rugby in May '83...

attachicon.gifRY Rats 323 & 308 290583.jpg


Time for a quick pose at Marton Junction on the Rugby - Southam Cement Works (aka Long Itchington) tripper, 1982...

attachicon.gifRY Southam Branch Marton Junction 25.jpg


25 057 in the south end bays at Rugby...

attachicon.gifRY 25 057 Rugby Midland South End.jpg

Re 25051 and your first drive, I assume you weren't responsible for providing the modification to the cab side?

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There were always plenty at Warrington - 25323 and a another - salt traffic off Winsford perhaps?


I know the exposure aint great but I love the background to this shot





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