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Class 25 photos

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Class 25`s had already finished in BR service before I started photographing them except for Tamworth Castle 25912 / D7672 when it was used for specials

D7535 Mercury, 25059, 25083, and D5209









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And another stupid headlight on 059!

The first owner of 25057 fitted headlights to it and for some reason cut all the wiring to the headcode boxes.

I was heavily involved with north Norfolk railway when it was bought from him. I took great delight of smashing the headlight boxes off the loco ( wasn't too hard as he had only fixed them with a few pop rivets ) and presenting him with them as a souvenir!

I had previously placed a ban on it being used at night as its only frontal illumination was headlights which were too bright and dangerous

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Something a little different about this pic of 25075 at Edinburgh Waverley.


First pic shows the loco arriving at Waverley and the second shows the loco backing onto the coaches forming a service to Dundee. Unusual as this service was normally booked for a class 27.


Also, 25075 was 1 of only 3 25/1s which received over-sized body-side numbers. The others 2 were 25062 and 25066.


















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Some of mine from the early seventies. I think I must have got bored with 3/4 views in broad daylight, so apologies in advance for some of them.....


5204 at Rose Grove before the shed disappeared.



Skipton stabling point with a couple of 25s parked up.



25288 stabled outside Ladywell House in Preston as the royal train trundles by.



Springs Branch (I think)



25202 on breakdown train duties at Carlisle Kingmoor.



Unidentified rat at Rose Grove.



7648 at Rose Grove



7589 at Preston



25300 with additional chimneys



5155 at Burnley Central



Both sides of 5289 at Rose Grove. (Are we ever going to get away from the place?)





Manchester Victoria and the best shot that I have of a 25.



That's all folks.

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