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Blog- Hornby 142 Upgrades - Progress Ongoing

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Progress has been ongoing - albeit not well documented on my part!


The LokPilot FX has arrived and has been wired in along side the LokSound and a Zimo speaker in each vehicle. I am using the 'Decoder Lock' feature of many decoders to program (this uses CV 15 & 16 to ensure only the selected decoder responds to programming commands).


Zimo speaker in the trailer vehicle


All of the lighting works as hoped in the motor vehicle, a bit bright but when it is all together this can be adjusted through the decoders.


Internal and Leading Cab Light on


BIL Lights on


I have had to lengthen the toilet area to house the decoders as the roof is taken up by the lighting boards and the Pacers don't have a lot of hidden space with their large windows and open seating area.


Lenthened toilet area with decoders and wiring visible before glazing is installed


I have used thin wire between the two vehicles which mean it is now permanently coupled.


Most of the remaining work is simple to do - Fitting NRN Radio pods, creating a floor for the motor area, adding head/tail lights and fitting a functional coupling to either end.

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