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I cut my DCC teeth using Digitrax. Much of the basic kit was bought on various trips to the USA. I like the system with its two control nobs on each handset and 5amps which allows power to spare for the sound decoders I wanted. I use a DS100 with a DB150 as a booster
I was an early purchaser of Cobalt point motors and found a few troublesome. But DCC Concepts have been very supportive. Their latest Cobalt IP is great and saves the wiring involved with separate stationery decoders. The photo shows the Digitrax 64s I use for the older Cobalts.

The aim is to move all the control equipment off the baseboards.


I have recently bought a couple of Cobalt SS surface mounting point motors and they also seem very good.
I did consider the MERG route and although I admire their work I do not think I am quite up to grasping the intricacies!

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