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A somewhat belated Happy New Year to everyone, the latest blog entry is a general look into the nooks and crannies of the layout, and it could be easily retitled 'where abouts can you put a compact camera'?
Anyway enough of that malarky - on with the photos.
The first depicts the business end of platform one - looking towards the Stationmasters house. Unfortunately the noticeboard cannot be read on this shot - but it says that 'The New Summer Timetable is available from the Booking Office'. - Useful information for the travelling public.
The second shot is the same area, taken from the Bay side. The photographer is standing behind a couple of empty Horseboxes waiting at the loading dock.




For the third shot of the same area the photographer appears to have climbed onto the roof of the parcels lock-up (I hope he had permission to do that!)




Next comes a full frontal view... of the Signalbox, not much can be said about this, except the Signalman must have been called away whilst busy sweeping up spilt coal around his coalbunker, as he has left his broom behind.




Now we move to the 'Loco' - this is the back of the shed, lots of 'railway clutter' dumped round here, as its hidden away from prying eyes and authority.




We follow this with a view into the shed - the auto fitted pannier is busy elsewhere, and the Depot is bereft of Engines, only a lonely 16t mineral wagon loaded with coal sits on the spur beyond the turntable. Looks like the Shedman is busy emptying the ashpit - rather him than me...




Now comes a visit to the other side of the tracks, and a glimpse into the Sproston Creamery loading siding, taken from behing the box. The private siding is unusually empty and the gate is open allowing study of the overhead tanker washout pipes, beyond them is the white milk filling hose,with above that a water hose hanging at the near end of the loading platform.




Following this we move to the Goods yard, Starting with the coalyard, which has no coal wagons in it at present - though the coalmerchants lorry is fully loaded,so maybe we should have been here yesterday.




Next view is the other side of the wagons, and here there is much activity, most of it involving a Coles 6 ton mobile crane. A couple of staff seem to be having a disagreement regarding the unloading of the open wagons.




For our last photo taken on Railway Property, we go to the back of the Goods Shed behind the cattle dock, with a view into the shed just showing the 10cwt internal crane.




The final photo is of the 'Station Garage' prop.S Dingle,this is just behind the station goods yard,and the staff are still working on what appears to be the main bearings on the front end of an old steam roller - its obviously a long job...so we had better leave them to it.


Well, thats the end of our little photo trip around Sproston Station - do come back for another...


Comments, good or bad always welcome,



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