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Since "finishing" the board, I began to become less and less happy with the board so began editing the model.




Having completed the coal merchant area, I began working on the area next to the track, this had been planned to be just black ballast but it was recommended that I cover the area in green foliage, with the intent of covering it with some static grass work. The end result was sort of gone the way it was recommended, but I have to say I'm a lot happier about it now. Then when I first did this a few months ago. With that, I finally set about weathering and re-applying the figures to the model. I managed to find a figure which I've had for a long time. With his bowler hat, I thought, that's a manager. So I set about fitting him just outside of the building so he'd stand out and look important.






Point Lever
The next minor piece was to add a pull bar on the point, to allow the fireman or shunter to pull the point over when the loco is either collecting or dropping off wagons for or from the coal merchant. This was fairly simple in cutting out, undercoating and painting then fitting, I took some of the sleepers from the track which I had cut away previously on the rail to get the accurate sleeper spacings, to form an extension of the sleepers from the point then I glued the pull bar onto the model.




Horse & Cart


Another little job, using an old white metal kit which I cleaned then super glued together I was able to get this into the primer and paint fairly quickly as shown this was done at the same time as the point leaver. to paint the horse I cheated using similar wood paint but mixed in some varnish, as horse coats tend to be shiny when properly looked after. The cart I painted a set of different coloured woods to show that the cart has been repaired a number of times with a good number of different types of wood around the frame.




So here we have it completed again, it's taken me a few more weeks but I think I've cracked it and it looks 10x better than it did a few months ago. As I said, a layout is never finished. But I'm looking to do another board in the future but this will be finished off with the J70's finally getting onto the layout. In addition Board 5 has progressed well and this has been the progress so far, the layout is planned to be at an exhibition within the next few months so time is ticking for N&SBLR to be completed with the latest board, hopefully, the LNER J70's will arrive in time to operate the layout.












Thanks for reading

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