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Hornby class 56


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Is it just me, and forgive me if this topic has been raised before but do you not think it is strange that Hornby have never released a version of their class 56 in large logo blue with wrap round yellow ends?


I am refering to the new version with AWD and centrally mounted can motor.


BR Blue and the large logo livery that was a follow on are obviously not to everyones taste but if you take into account the amount of class 37s, 47s and 50s that have come to market during the last 2/3 years it doesn´t seem to be at the bottom of the league table either.


I presumed that after it hadn´t been announced for a second year release that a magazine or retailer had it reserved as a special edition but time moves on and it doesn´t look that way.



I personally think that Hornby are missing a big commercial oportunity with this one.


Have you lads got any thoughts on this?


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I must confess that as it's after my Era of Choice I hadn't noticed. However, it does seem a little odd: the Mainline one was prolific enough and I imagine it's something of signature traction for many. I remember these dominating the Yorkshire and Derbyshire coalfield in the eighties so yes, it's a bit mystifying unsure.gif

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It's on my ever increasing list of things to do - repaint one of the Doncaster models (032) from a later livery into plain blue and Crewe 127 into LL blue or revised blue, call it what you will.

I've got too many jobs on at the moment thought - one day!

By the time i get round to it, Hornby may have satisfied my needs!


John E.

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I didn´t know that it was indeed earmarked for release but later replaced with the red stripe railfreight example David. I wonder why that happened? Maybe there were a lot of the old model in LL and they thought that it would hinder their sale?


As you can imagine Chard it is my era and would definately be classed as signature traction. A couple would definately be snapped up. Sound would definately installed in one of them. I remember them on my trips around the East and West Midlands during the early eighties on MGRs and have a faint memory of 56036 running past my school on the southern section of the ECML on its way to an open day (Stratford maybe?)


I have only ever dabbled with weathering rolling stock and as JohnE says, I have too many projects on the go to start painting at the moment. Maybe have a go when my layout is closer to completion.


As I started this thread, I suppose it doesn´t matter too much if I hijack it.


I bought the BR blue version, 56013 off Ebay some time ago and although it is a good hauler it has at a wobbly wheel set or 2. Can anyone advise on where I could find a replacement. I dont think Ultrascale make replacements for the new Hornby 56?


Can anybody help please?


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