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Blueberry's micro layout

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Thanks for adding me as a new member of this great community.
This is my first 00 gauge micro layout. The dimensions are: 41cm x 65cm. The radius for these very tight curves is only...175mm !  :o I cut the rail with my standard side cutting pliers...and it works well for me. I cleaned the end of the rails with a small file before fitting the fishplates. Just one Hornby 0-4-0 steam loco with three short wheelbase wagons. And that's all ! No need for DCC, so it's only a very basic DC controller. I'm very happy with the result.









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Berry I like your small oval layout, you could fit a nice little siding to add to the fun. Your 0-4-0 loco will be suited for those tight curves, DC is what I prefer nothing wrong with that. 

Will be waiting to see your next bit of progress.:)

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Thank you. First of all, I just wanted to prove to myself that I am able to build a very small layout with flexi-track. Right now, I have no idea for the scenery. But I'm working hard on it.

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Berry, I have to say, I'm impressed with the smooth tracklaying and running quality you've achieved with such extremely tight curves - if my calculations are correct these curves would be classed as excessively tight for N gauge, let alone OO.

Could I ask what type of controller you're using?  I've never owned one of these small tank engines, but have always read that they're better at fast running than slow: looks to me like your video shows a perfectly reasonable running speed (ie: not too fast), Keith.

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