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Spanish Steam Films - Ivor Harding


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Hi All,

Thought this might be of interest.   I've discovered a treasure trove of colour films taken in the 60s by Ivor Harding.

There is some really neat footage here that I wouldn't have thought existed.  There is no sound and the quality varies a bit,  but you don't come across footage like this everyday. There is a little French SNCF footage too  :)      A Steam enthusiasts paradise :wub:



The description reads :

Ivor Harding 1943-2016 Ivor spent most of his young and adult life filming railway locomotives using cine film and slides to record his amazing adventures. He travelled to many countries from the late 1950's witnessing and recording the ebbing days of steam railways in the most amazing locations in the world. His dedication in chasing his dream has left us with some very rare and wonderful images from mainline to mountain quarries. He amassed some 19,000+ slides and 90 hours of colour cine sound film recording during his travels. He asked to have his collection of railway images shared with as large an audience as possible. He left behind a fabulous legacy of this wonderful subject and of a truly amazing person.

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