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Capecastle - an NCC Narrow Gauge Diorama

Patrick Davey

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  • 4 weeks later...

Final detailing on Capecastle - more forestry work and telegraph poles! A few final final small things to do then just the backscene to add. Have enjoyed this, and have learnt a lot! Looking forward to showing the diorama at Whitehead on November 9th.







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  • 3 weeks later...

Officially all done - Capecastle is finished and all ready to go for the show at Whitehead tomorrow. To complement the diorama there will also be a small photographic display showing the station as it looks today, along with some historical views, and some information about my family connections to The Ballycastle Railway. There will also be a digital slideshow showing over 300 photos and video clips of the construction of the diorama. And back by popular demand, are the reverend ladies!

A huge word of thanks to the many kind folk in this group who have commented on my updates during the build, this has been a great encouragement along the way. We’re stand number 11 at the exhibition, located upstairs in the loco building, so if you’re coming to the show tomorrow please drop by and say hello!





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