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Estacion de Benicarlo Termino.


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First of all I want to thank google translation because my english is far too poor to express myself correctly.


I started this layout a year and a half ago. At scale H0 it is installed along a wall and it measures 3.6 m long and up to 75 cm deep. It represents an imaginary station in the north of the region of Valencia (province of Castellon). This is the time 5 that I want to reproduce but my current material goes from time 3 to time 6. The scenery is obviously far from finished and my speed of work leaves me several years before the end. But is layout a really finished day? On the first messages I will mainly show you the pictures of the beginnings of the construction. 


I am aware of the surprising aspect of my approach. I am a French passionate about Spanish railroad publishing on a British forum.


I hope that Google translation has done its job properly and I want to apologize for any syntax errors.


These first photos show the first track plan. The two modules of the station are placed on furniture of a large Swedish furniture manufacturer.
























Following the next message.

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Hola Stephane


I have been following the progress of your layout on Forotrenes and it is nice to see you sharing it here.


I am a modeller of Renfe era V HO with a collection focusing on the Taxi and GL colours with the intention to build when I retire - or my son leave home!!


I have been building a station based on Sagunto and will shortly be able to put up some pictures.

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Ellocoloco and Mike Thank you for your messages.


In France, few people are interested in the Spanish railway, I do not know if it's the same in the United Kingdom. With its different gauge, it is an exotic railway and yet very close to us. I live less than 100 km from Spain.


Here are new pictures that correspond to the current situation. The facade of the church really corresponds to that of Benicarlo. It is a city in the region of Valencia that I know well and where I go every year.
































That's about where I am.

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Hi Stephane


Your layout looks really good with some great details. I wish I had managed as much on my layout in the same time. 

And how did you do those twisted columns on the church facade? They are super.


You said :


“In France, few people are interested in the Spanish railway, I do not know if it's the same in the United Kingdom. With its different gauge, it is an exotic railway and yet very close to us. I live less than 100 km from Spain.”


I am not sure that there are that many in Spain  who are interested in Spanish railways. Marklin/Fleischmann seem to be as common as Electrotren. 


I think some people will be put off by the gauge issue, but UK modellers are more used to that with OO scale (4mm to foot 1:76 on 16.5 mm gauge ). I doubt the idea would catch on but maybe modellers of Spanish railways should use the TT scale of 3mm to foot , approx 1:100.  16.5mm gauge would be dead on for 5ft 6inches (two Castillian yards IIRC). 


Good luck

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Hello and thank you all for your messages and comments.


-Dear "CPW", the facade of the church is engraved cardboard. The columns of the entrance are made of modeling clay that hardens when cooked. (I hope you understood)


-Dear "Neils" I have on my side also a classic 333 in "Pantone" livery, epoch 6. It is a model ROCO much more detailed than the old model ELECTROTREN.


To begin I offer you two videos about two exhibitions of model making, "Trainsmania" in Lille and an exhibition in Toulouse. At this time I need your help! I can not display the video directly so I offer you the link! Sorry.


TrainsMania expo Lille


Exposition Toulouse


My last work in recent days is on lighting. I do not like electricity but if I do not, the station will stay in the dark in the evening.

So I made a control station and made a maximum of electrical wiring. Here is the almost final result in photos.



























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Good morning all,
These last days I continued to advance on the layout.

- The bar restaurant of the station has now a terrace. I used accessories from the German brands FALLER and PREISER. The finest tables and chairs come from the French brand DECAPOD. They are sold in kits and are difficult to build but they seem very realistic. In comparison with the round table brand FALLER others are much more realistic.

- On the narrow-gauge tourist line a train of works has appeared. (H0e).The locomotive and the wagons are of the German MINITRAINS brand. It is a brand that manufactures only H0e material.

Finally, the last building of the industrial zone is finished. It is an official distributor of a major European brand of motorcycles and bicycles.

The result in pictures.




















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Good evening everyone,


Work continues quietly, a marquee (roof) inspired by a model of the Spanish company MZA was built.

I started by building the 4 supports of the shelter. They are made of Evergreen profiles.




Then I make the roof. The underside is clad with wood.











I finish with the top and the decorative frieze. The lighting is ready to be installed.




To finish the set is fixed on the station, it will remain to give a little life to this part of the platform.

This element seems modest but has 289 pieces.








A last small video showing a locomotive on the narrow gauge line Benicarló - Peñiscola.





Good evening to all and have a good night.

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  • RMweb Gold

Bonjour @stephane welcome to RMWeb.


The layout captures Spanish railway operations really well, thank you for sharing it with us.


i had to read your opening description again after seeing the photos.... we stayed at Peñíscola on holiday this year and I couldn’t remember a railway! Then I read it again!


I’m an Englishman living further down the coast from Benicarló/ Peñíscola in Alicante province, modelling the Great Western railway in the 1930’s which is era 3 in the UK. (Although very few UK modellers will use the era system).


Please keep sharing your progress, it’s good to see. Keep using Google translate - we use it all the time, when we need to talk Spanish!


Regards, Neal.


Bienvenue sur RMWeb.

La mise en page rend très bien compte des opérations ferroviaires espagnoles, merci de la partager avec nous.

Après avoir vu les photos, j’ai dû relire votre description d’ouverture. Nous avons séjourné à Peñíscola en vacances cette année et je ne me souvenais pas du chemin de fer! Puis je le relis!

Je suis un Anglais habitant plus au large de Benicarló / Peñíscola, dans la province d’Alicante, sur le modèle du chemin de fer Great Western dans les années 1930, qui correspond à la troisième année du Royaume-Uni. (Bien que très peu de modélisateurs britanniques utiliseront le système de l'époque).

Continuez à partager vos progrès, cela fait plaisir à voir. Continuez à utiliser Google Translate - nous l'utilisons tout le temps, lorsque nous devons parler espagnol!

Cordialement, Neal.

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Hello everyone and before giving you news about "Benicarlo Termino", I wish you a happy new year 2020.


Work continues on the layout and the track plan has been slightly modified by adding an additional service track. To bring more interest to freight traffic, a hall is under construction. It is a personal construction but is inspired by a hall of the old company MZA. The interior is fully furnished because the building is in the foreground and therefore very visible. The following photos describe the extension with the additional track, the construction of the freight wharf and the start of construction of the building. I still have to make the roof and other small finishes.

























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Bonne année et bonne santé pour 2020. Je suis votre progrès attentivement!! Comme Neal, je m'interesse au GWR - mais je n'ai pas vraiment d'époch car j'ai trop de stock!!


Happy New Year and good health for 2020. I'm closely following your progress. Like Neal, I do GWR/BR(W) but I don't have any specific period as I have too much stock!





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