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Austria, april 2010

Dan Griffin

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having returned from my holiday in austria and my Obb interest fired up again, i thought id post up some of the better shots from the holiday. this railway system never fails to amaze me, the sheer amount of freight, most of it wagon load, it astoinshing, and the amount of loco hauled trains, excellent, well here are the first four shots, more to follow tomorro.




stand bie schwarz station, i love these locos, so much so im going to get a ho one,




tram in the centre of innsbruck.




first black loco id seen in austria, all the others were red, but after this came a yellow one and one painted like a zebra!!




these locos also took my liking, looking rugged and powerful, and fast!!!



if anyone can tell me the classes of locos ect id be grateful as i havnt a clue!!! thanks

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if anyone can tell me the classes of locos ect id be grateful as i havnt a clue!!! thanks



From top to bottom:


Class 1016, which is the 15 kV only variant of the 1116 which also has 25 kV capability - both are also known as the "Taurus", which name is a protected trademark, however, and may only be used for engines of this kind in ÖBB service. Built by Siemens and are also known as the ES 64 U2 type.


Class 189 or ES 64 F4 (manufacturer's designation) - basically a development from the ES 64 U2, but primarily geared towards goods trains and with capability for 15 and 25 kV AC as well as 3 and 1.5 kV DC. Comes in different subtypes, each fitted for specific combinations of countries. ES 64 F4-092 is a VE type engine and certified for Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. These engines are currently in use on EuroCity trains to Italy, but are planned to be fully replaced by ÖBB class 1216 engines in the foreseeable future.


ÖBB class 1044, which was a cutting-edge design back in the 1970s when it first appeared. Later batches were eventually upgraded to class 1144 units which feature several improvements, including push-pull controls.



The tram from Innsbruck is a Bombardier Flexity Outlook type car.

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a few from innsbruck station, the db electric arrived whilst i was there, nice station with nice views, at one end mountains and the other an olympic ski jump.! more to follow later.






this db electric arrived on what i presume was a local train, it later went back the way it came working in push pull mode.




passenger train double headed waiting to depart.




local unit that i arrived on




general view of the station west end




the view the other direction.




the train home!




the second loco in the passenger train in the other picture.

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The DB Class 111 will have been on Munich via Seefeld and Garmish duties. A great run up the mountain if you have the time. it was pushing/pulling ex silverlink coaches which were refurbished in the early 90's.





(note, not the sliverlink coaches that used to plod in and out of euston) :P

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these are from hall-in-tirol, a small village we visited, had a very large yard, and lots of loco's.




locos were stabled adjacent to the platforms, on a through road, strange as the run through passenger trains belted through the platform roads!




another taurus loco with an older obb electric






this ran through at what seemed like a very fast speed.




brand new peugeots on a recently out shopped car carrying wagon.




yours truely with the above taurus loco. if anyones interested ill try and get the numbers of the locos from the prints i have.


more later. cheers.

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Guest G?¶del



this ran through at what seemed like a very fast speed.

Super set of pictures Dan! This is the EuroCity "Transalpin" that runs from Vienna to Basel in Switzerland and is rather prestigious. You can tell by the double heading (virtually always a pair of Tauruses) and the special SBB panorama 1st class coach (with black and white stripes) that is behind the locomotives, and tend not to leave Switzerland except on top tier trains. The train is usually a mix of ÖBB and SBB coaches, and somtimes there is an ÖBB 1st class added in front of the SBB panorama coach.


You are quite right about the impressive amount of freight in Austria; it certainly helps that they sit in the middle of Europe between the Mediterranean ports and industry of Northern Europe. Train enthusiasts often complain that Austria has gone from one of the most varied locomotive collections (classes 1042, 1043, 1044, 1018, 1020 etc etc) to a highly uniform one comprising mostly class 1044 and Tauruses (classes 1016, 1116 and 1216), but both of these are very impressive machines, and it means plenty of locomotive hauled passenger trains remain. Indeed the new high speed Railjet trains of ÖBB are locomotive (Taurus) hauled push-pull trains rather than EMUs such as the DB ICE 3 since there are so many Tauruses available.

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