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MKCCP-06 photo consist take 2


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While I was out for lunch last week, I happened to catch the MKCCP-06, a Union Pacific standard manifest (general freight) train passing under the 10th St. viaduct. Since I had a nice vantage point and my camera I took a picture of virtually every car individually. I have loaded them into an album in Photobucket.com. Because I loaded them front to rear they appear in the album rear to front. I thought some of you who don't have the luxury of traveling to the US might be interested in seeing an entire train.


This train runs from Kansas City to the Minneapolis area.


It has 3 engines, 12700 hp, 228 ft of engines, 115 cars, 42 loads, 73 empties, 7301 ft, 7455 gross tons.


The 10th St viaduct is in Omaha, NE, it connects the former UP Omaha Union Station (now the Durham Western Heritage Museum) and the ex-CB&Q station (which is the basis of the Walthers Union Station model). The photos were taken about noon, May 6th.


Hopefully this is now a public album:



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Hi Dave,

Thank you very much for that, it's very thoughtful of you for us over here!

It was nice to see some cars from roads that i have been 'into' over the years (C&NW and KCS!) as well as the excellent variety of cars in one train that you guys still get!

I was fascinated by IFRX82438 where the rust patches are so cleanly delineated - that would not look 'real' on a model! There did seem to be quite a high proportion of clean/very clean cars in this consist, is that normal?

I was trying to identify the lead loco, definately a GE but have not seen that style of radiator before (from above!) - i assume a GEVO, perhaps?

The new switch on the adjacent track - wow! Thats some piece of trackwork! Concrete sleepered throughout and at least as long as those two lead locomotives!

Finally, the track under the train - is that former C&NW 'Pink Lady' ballast there? It certainly looks pink!

Cheers and thanks again,

John E.

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The really clean PROX cars are really clean because this is their first trip since being built or rebuilt. They are "revenue empties", an empty car the railroad is charging to move.


It looks like the "clean" lines on the IFRX car are caused by at least 2 paint patches. There is the large patch that covers the bottom half of one end and then there is a smaller patch under the reporting marks.


I'll have to check on the lead engine, I haven't paid that much attention to the new units.


The concrete switch is a brand new connection to the BNSF. Coal trains and trains to former north Omaha yard/industrial areas, use the BNSF to gain access since the UP's tracks were removed in an urban renweal project a couple decades ago. The coal trains used to have to "saw" onto the BNSF since the connection was a trailing point crossover. Theis new facing point connection allows a straight away move to and from the BNSF.


Although the track is definitely UP and always has been, the ballast could very well be from a CNW pit.


I found it interseting that in a manifest train only 36 of 115 cars were railroad owned, the rest were private owner and only 8 of 36 or 115 were home road cars.


Feel free to ask any other questions. If this is interesting or helpful to those of you "across the pond" let me know and I'll try it again some time.

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Thanks Dave,

An interesting and comprehensive reply there, Cheers!

Aha! No wonder that switch is concrete and loong! I imagine it will be taking a lot of HEAVY coal trains!?!

For me, anyway - please keep posting this type of thing as it throws up all sorts of very useful and worthwhile information - like the ratio of RR owned cars to private etc.

Evidently, unit trains not neccessary so much as the cars are very similar!


John E.

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... I was trying to identify the lead loco, definately a GE but have not seen that style of radiator before (from above!) - i assume a GEVO, perhaps? ...


Using the data at this site - All-Time UP Roster - UP 8205 is:


EMD SD9043AC — 309 units

4300 horsepower; C-C trucks; 415,000 pounds operating weight


Note: The UP designation for these locomotives is SD9043AC; the EMD designation is SD90MAC.


Gil, known as Bill somedays ... B)

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I think 8205 is on the rear - the one at the other end is indeed a Gevo of some kind, that kind of GE rad with a "hump" is probably the best Gevo spotting feature.


I hadn't made it to the other end of the train yet - life stepped in and re-routed me :O


UP 5491 - GE C45AC-CTE (ES44AC) — 201 units

4400 horsepower; C-C trucks; 416,000 pounds operating weight


General Notes:


a. Model designation is C45AC-CTE. The CTE denotes Controlled Tractive Effort, a feature that allows the tractive effort of these locomotives to be changed from a maximum of 180,000 pounds, needed for coal and other heavy trains, to a lesser 110,000 pounds for less demanding manifest trains made up of lighter equipment, such as intermodal cars. These locomotives are being used regularly as mid-train and end-of-train helpers, and being able to reduce the tractive effort in these distributed power (DP) train positions will reduce any potential for derailments.


b. UP uses the "45" in its C45ACCTE designation to distinguish its Tier II units from its AC4400s (C44ACCTE vs C45ACCTE). The 45 in UP's model designation does not signify horsepower.


My own note - a Tier II loco is one with a much cleaner exhaust to meet EPA rules. This unit was delivered in Dec 2005.




UP 4118 - EMD SD70M — 285 units

4000 horsepower; C-C trucks; 393,000 pounds operating weight


This unit was delivered in Nov 2000


And the UP 8205 was delivered in Feb 1998.


Gil, known as Bill somedays ... B)

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