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A start to my Spanish layout


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Probably like many of us, I have a huge selection of model trains but nowhere permanent to run them. ...


I have , however, for the last 20 years being collecting RENFE era V models in HO with the intention of building a layout, probably when I retire! I decided earlier this year that if I start on some suitable buildings,  then when I actually start my layout I'll be half way there! My model will be based in Eastern Spain - my wife is from Valencia - and set around the turn of the millennium - we met in 1999 and I first went to Spain in 2001. This time period also coincides with Electrotren's 269 and Roco's 319 being launched and RENFE modelling being brought up to date with a huge increase in the available models and made my switch from Montana Rail Link much easier.


My first building, and my first scratch building attempt, is based on Sagunto station as it was around 2000. It was based on Google earth and maps, so measurements are approximate and although I think it captures the spirit of the building. The choice of Sagunto was more that it fitted the size I wanted and was a challenge I could manage. The frame is from 5mm ply with 2mm card on top with some details from Langley. The colour is my best guess, but it looks fine to me! Once it is place on a future layout I will put in canopies.


(Something in the back of my mind keeps telling me I should convert to Iberian gauge - but that decision can be made in the future...)


Sagunto HO 21A.jpg

Sagunto HO 24A.jpg

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Very nicely done.

I haven't been to Spain for a long time now but I did spend a lot of time there in the seventies and early eighties, waaay before they started building any of the standard (HS) lines but it was a fascinating system with Alcos and EMDs running around as well as Japanese electrics. If you used to model MRL, you'll be familiar with the sounds no doubt.



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