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1 hour ago, Covkid said:

With respect "griffgriff" the editor can only publish what drops through his letterbox. 

I am extremely grateful David Hayes has done and continues to do what the does, but I am equally sure Stephen Rabone would welcome articles from anywhere else on the network   

Yeah I think we’ve covered that but thanks.


I’m just not a fan of the West Midlands. Miserable days but that’s another story.... judging by your moniker I guess you are a fan but variety is the spice of life I guess.


I will say I enjoyed the Summer Saturday in the west piece.. Happy days. Lovely sunny and lovely days.



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Shame they can’t get Paul Shannon onboard and that other fella who’s a doctor and wrote lots of OPC pictorials in the 80s, I bet they have a vast back library of images suitable 

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