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Times up!


I hope you've written down all your answers - this thread will be re-opened for bragging about your scores at the end of the quiz. I'll also launch threads for each question so you can argue (incorrectly) that you know better than the Quizmaster. The next question will be along in 5 minutes.





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Not sure about this pub. The photo on the peanut display appears to be Captain Kernow, and I'm worried if I buy a packet we'll see his pasties.


Talking of things you have to look closely at, here's the answers.


R4 Q1 A1.jpgR4 Q2 A2.jpgR4 Q3 A3.jpgR4 Q4 A4.jpgR4 Q5 A5.jpgR4 Q6 A6.jpgR4 Q7 A7.jpgR4 Q8 A8.jpgR4 Q9 A9.jpgR4 Q10 A10.jpg


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There we go, that's the final round. I'll now open all the threads for you to tell everyone how well you've scored.


Don't forget that RMweb drones are hovering by your windows to check you aren't fibbing. If you are, only bad things will come of this*. You have been warned.




*You will be made to model steampunk railways. In S gauge.

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Cor, just scraped in with an average of 5 per round so 25 in total (and I even got two on the music round, the other 8 were just a noisy jumble and I only thought there were 9 in total anyway).


Good quiz apart from the Canadian flag errorin Round 3 because Canada did not adopt that flag until 1965 so a Jubilee can't have been named after it could it.  But then if you say it could then surely Dominion of Canada would be just as good an answer?  In which case I would be up to 26.


PS Where's Litchfield:scratchhead:

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