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Win Digipet software and NCE, are they compatible?

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Hi guys, I have decided to go to a certain amount of automation on my layout, and I recently saw a layout being controlled by Win Digipet software (no I hadn't heard of it before either!), I was very impressed by what I saw and I wondered if it was compatible with NCE and Team Digital DCC equipment which I have on my layout, I have been on their website and NCE stuff is not listed, perhaps someone out there has tried with success.


Thanking you in anticipation.




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It seems no one has an answer for you so why not contact Marklin whose product it appears to be



Märklin Service Center

37, Nightingale Drive

Towcester - Northants

NN126RA, England

Phone/fax : +44 1327 352581

e-mail: jo@messe.freeserve.co.uk

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Simply answer is NO.


it only supports the following systems.

Märklin Digital<LI>Uhlenbrock Intellibox<LI>Fleischmann Twin-Center<LI>InfraCar-System<LI>Lenz Digital Plus 2.0, Lenz Digital Plus 3.0 / 3.5, Lenz LI-USB<LI>Selectrix-Systems of Trix, MÜT and Rautenhaus<LI>Switch-COM System<LI>Tams Master Control<LI>ESU ECoS<LI>CT ZF 5 or other conform system.


Hope that helps.

Stuart in OZ

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I'd be interested to hear how you get on. I'm looking to use computer control for my layout and I have the NCE powercab. I've looked at RR&Co but it doesn't look like NCE is supported.


It would help me if it was because it would save having to replace the DCC control.

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