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Hi everyone

I am building a layout loosely based on Benavente, ZA on the, now closed,  Ruta de la Plata between Plasencia in the south and Astorga in the North.. The time period is notionally mid -late 1940’s.  Progress is painfully slow but I thought folks might be interested in some pics if only to alleviate the virus induced blues. Some of the buildings are  placeholders and the trees are not finalised and there are still acres (hectares) of uncovered baseboard/base layer.  Research is internet based although I have stayed in the town and thought the general arrangement of the station would be a good basis for a layout. 







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El toro Osborne is stretching my time frame a bit as I don’t think the first one was put up until early fifties - it would have carried the brand name too until c 1990 - but the image is too iconic not to have one, along with a church, a castle and a bullring.


A few more pics for you. The viaduct is based on the one at Hervas at the southern end of the ruta de la plata, and the river bridge based on that at Toro on the Zamora to Medina del Campo line.






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