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Ellis Clark Trains Finescale O Gauge Black 5

Ellis Clark Trains

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Afternoon all,


Originally, this loco/post came under the Darstaed forum area, however after a number of changes and updates (listed below), this model will now come under the Ellis Clark Trains brand name.


Nothing has changed with the relationship between ourselves and Darstaed, as we will continue to work very closely on a number of different projects over the coming years.


As you may or may not know, we operate with a very "hands-on" approach, acting on all feedback we receive, with the end goal of supplying the best possible product we can.

Back in December 2019 we released our latest CADs and received superb constructive criticism from many of you.

We listened.

So much so, that in January of this year we made the decision to bring a full-time CAD designer to the team, and shortly after doing so, we began to re-design the Black 5 from scratch.

Below, you can find the specifications, production variants and most importantly, the brand new CADs!


Super detailed die-cast construction
Genuine ABC Helical Gearbox - built, fitted and tested in the UK
Maxon motor with ball bearing racers
Super detailed cab
Compensating axles
Removable working loco lamps
Firebox glow
DCC ready

DCC Sound & Smoke Variants

Zimo MX699 Decoder
Boom box double speaker
Synchronised sound and smoke
Zimo exclusive sound project with 20+ functions




All the best,


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On 01/04/2021 at 08:54, Fredo said:

Hi, are you going to make any difference boiler feed versions, for example Dome less and 28 element with dome on second ring, and top feed on front ring. Thanks Fred 

Hi Fred,


Currently, we're just doing the top feed on the 3rd ring with the dome.


We're always looking for others to make in the future though!


All the best,


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On 18/07/2021 at 17:54, 9402 Fredrick said:

Will the unumbered versions come with different numbers & shed codes to make different oned from this lot number?

Hi there,


They will indeed come with different running numbers.


In terms of shed plates - we're still looking at the best way of doing this.


It might be that we carry a stock of many different plates, which you may then choose from :).


All the best,


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On 11/11/2021 at 08:47, gismorail said:

Very impressive the boiler and fire box samples on the GOG show can’t wait for this Loco :sungum:

We will be receiving most of the missing sample parts this coming week and a full sample in around a months time, some exciting few weeks ahead for the Black 5 

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Good afternoon all,

It's been a while since the announcement of our finescale O Gauge Black 5, and it would be fair to say it has been quite the journey with many changes, barriers, dedication and hard work along the way.

Well, today is a rather special and important milestone as we have now received the first sample from the factory.

To us, it has been crucial to ensuring that every single aspect of this project is as close to perfect as possible, as not only is it of paramount importance to create the best possible Black 5, but this locomotive also lays the foundations for future models we want to produce.

I'm sure by now you have scrolled past me waffling on to see the pictures of the first sample... but if not, thank you for reading and please let me know what you think! Of course, please bear in mind that this is the first sample and so there will be imperfections both in assembly and some castings, however, these, like all first samples, will be corrected come production and we are of course making a list of improvements and alterations.




As we are now at the stage of submitting artwork and beginning work on the decorated samples, we thought it would be a good opportunity to fully update the list of available models.

A few changes to note here, which I have listed below:

1. All the Reference Numbers (Product SKUs/Codes) have been updated to fall in line with our simplified product code system, as seen on the Presflos and Wickhams.

2. E71-1-1A No. '5225' has been replaced by E1001 '5241' - this is because there were more pictures and evidence available for '5241' to enable us to get the artwork spot on. If you have a pre-order for '5225' and would still like this, we are happy to custom number E1001U to this free of charge.

3. We're now not producing any plain black LMS locomotives and instead are producing plain black locomotives with transfers for both LMS and BR. This is due to the LMS black livery being short-lived and producing models in just plain black with both LMS and BR transfers gives both us and you the flexibility of choice.

4. E71-1-3A has been replaced by E1003 '45430'. Again, this is due to having more information and pictures on the latter, making it easier to create an accurate model.

5. E1003Y is a brand new limited-edition model! This represents No. '45428' 'Eric Treacy' as it was running in 1980 - 2017 preservation.

6. E71-1-5A has been removed and replaced with E1007 No. '45337'

I suppose the question on everyone's lips is, what happens next and when can I expect to have my model?!

Currently, we are working through our 'reviews and alterations' document. This will go back to the factory this week as they begin to return from Chinese New Year.

We will then discuss any alterations and improvements we feel need making to the model.

The factory will then go away and make any alterations to parts and moulds and will produce a fully working running model.

Now, it's worth mentioning at this stage, and to put your minds at rest...

We have actually done some early-stage running tests and both the motor, and the motion work seamlessly, so we're very confident that the running sample will impress!

After that will come the decorated samples and from there the final revisions and production with a targeted delivery date for the first batch of Q3/4 this year.

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Evening everyone,


I've just posted another update on the black, which can be read by clicking here.


Unfortunately, we have decided to remove smoke as an option on the model (DCC Sound of course remains).


I've pasted the text regarding this from my newsletter below.


All the best,




I won't sugarcoat or try to distract from this news, but I will of course explain in full below what this headline means and entails.

When we originally announced the Black 5, we did so with what we would consider an impressive and large spec list, of which, the synchronised smoke was part of it.

You would think a smoke unit is a rather simple addition to a model, which it is, however getting it right including synchronising it with the sound, is not.

We have been working on the smoke function for a long time now and have invested a large amount of time and funds for components, and although we're heading in the right direction, to include the smoke function would increase the lead time on these models by a minimum of 6 months.

As an interlude, and so that I am being completely transparent, here's why the smoke unit is so far behind the rest of the model:

To build a synchronising smoke machine, you need a few things:

1. A chamber to contain the oil and for the smoke to build up in
2. A heating element to heat the oil (or water - we'll come to that too)
3. A specialist fan to blow the smoke through the chimney
4. A PCB to connect everything together including the Zimo chip

We created all the designs for this, however, the first stumbling block was obtaining the heating resistors, which were very hard to get hold of. We then had to test everything, design a custom PCB, build a chamber, source the fans, and then test everything together.

Essentially, this smoke machine is like a project in itself and as such, requires designing, testing, tooling, alterations, safety testing and manufacturing, all of which result in a completion time long after the release of the Black 5.

We are also uncertain about the future of smoke units, due to our version burning oil and the fact that water-based systems are quickly replacing the aforementioned.

If you have read my newsletters or postings before, where I explain that we either have to change something in a project, or announce a delay, you will know I don't like to hide behind excuses. The simple fact is that after speaking to a sample of the market, both modellers and collectors alike, along with discussing the matter with my team, I have decided that it is best to offer the model either as standard DC/DCC Ready (nothing has changed there) locomotive or with DCC Sound and no smoke.

To reflect this change, we have also reduced the price of the DCC models from £1,199 to £1,175.

I know most of you were more interested in the looks, running, build quality and sound of the loco and so will not be too affected. However, to all those that were looking forward to having a smoke unit fitted, please accept my sincerest apologies.

Although no one has been charged for their pre-orders, if you would like to cancel or amend your pre-order, that of course is no issue at all.

I do hope you understand why we have decided to take this route.

We will, however, continue to develop our synchronised smoke unit with the aim to make it available as a future retrofit for this model.


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