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Hi Charlie 

I see there is a sound project for the soon to be released Hornby class 91 on the dckits website.



I am interest to hear what we can expect and to know if there will be variants to suit the different eras, such as the doors chimes or different operators

original door chimes


There is a YouTube video that could make an amazing addition with the prerecorded messages from BR - listen from 9:42 onwards


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To answer your question Rockmonkey;


My existing Class 91 & Mk4 DVT sound chips already have the facility for the user to pick one of three different operating periods, which set the type of despatch whistle (traditional single or modern 'two-tip'), the presence or not of door opening beepers (the coaches didn't originally have them), the type of door closing beepers (they changed upon refurbishment) and the type of door closing mechanism (including the modern 'seagull' ones).


The two projects are being updated to full v5 standards in readiness for the Hornby model. You will be pleased to hear that the new versions will include all of the automated announcements featured in that Electra video plus many more recorded from the same unit (in fact the full set of those available, to the best of my knowledge). These were recorded in ideal conditions at one of the Mk4 depots.


The announcements will also feature in an all-new project I'm doing for the Mk4 coach. This is designed to go somewhere in the middle of your Mk4 rake and work in harmony with the 91 & DVT chips. It will feature, amongst other things; the static converter 'electrical groaning' sound, air conditioning, door beepers, brake sounds, flange squeal plus of course the aforementioned announcements. I've made a working prototype and it does lift things to another level having sound from the middle of the train, given how long these rakes are.


We don't just throw these things together :-)

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Here is one of our Movies from the Vault. Now upgraded to V5 plus new features.   Enjoy.

F0 Lights On / Off (New Fade on/Fade off feature enabled).

F1 Engine start/stop.                                                                                                                                    CV259=128                CV419=40

F2 Playable high horn (See CV Changeable Horns below).                                                                CV435=128

F3 Playable low horn.  (See CV Changeable Horns below).                                                               CV443=128

F4 Buffering Up (When Moving) Coupling Hook (When stationery).                                                 CV283=60

F5 Playable brake application when moving / brake dump when stationary.                                CV291=40

F6 Passenger door slam sequence (1 of 5 different slams at random, at random intervals). CV299=70

F7 Southern Region Standard Compressor.                                                                                          CV307=40

F8 Drive Lock (Drive Hold).                                                                                                                         CV267=0

F9 Variable speed-dependant flange squeal.                                                                                        CV323=80

F10 Despatch whistle.                                                                                                                                 CV331=40

F11 Guard to Driver 'right-away' signal (Guard's ding-ding bell and driver's buzz-buzz reply).  CV339=50

F12 DEMU Driver's door slam and latch (1 of 3 randomised).                                                            CV347=60

F13 Not used.

F14 Toilet Pipe Discharge (Toilet Flush).                                                                                                 CV363-60

F15 Spirax Valves.                                                                                                                                       CV371=128

F16 Playable DEMU whistle.                                                                                                                     CV379=128

F17 Playable DEMU fuel and oil priming pump sequence (See Note Below).                              CV387=30

F18 Detonators.                                                                                                                                          CV395-128

F19 Aux 1.                                                                                                                                                    CV427=128

F20 Aux 2.



CV156=0 for Horn Set A

CV156=1 for Horn Set B

CV156=2 for Horn Set C  (Currently the default horns on this project)

CV156=3 for Horn Set D


Press F17 to start fuel priming pump,then once fuel priming is completed,turn off, then back on again to stop the fuel priming and start the oil priming pump. Turn off F17 once oil priming is completed.


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2 hours ago, Markmiller2008 said:


Believe the 207 is the source of the thumper sounds, not aware of a significant difference in the sounds between those and the 205. 



No difference apart from the Horns might be nicer!!!  

We also do the 201/202/206 Engines whice hare a turbo whistle.


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Our first 'movie' for a while. sorry about that but after the Deltic ones we published from our Archives we were taken by surprise with people wanting EM2 speakers in Deltics, Thank you!!


Anyhow on a different theme we have Electro Diesels:


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17 hours ago, charliepetty said:

We have been selling them from here for 4 years, and the V5s with the revised project for two years without any issues, try a two digit address and see what happens, sounds like something at your end I think.



Worked on the power cab fine on test. Seems to be the railcom issue. Need to work out how to turn railcom off as the ESU unit doesn’t allow that change in the quick menu

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On 28/02/2021 at 16:15, russellwar said:

Worked on the power cab fine on test. Seems to be the railcom issue. Need to work out how to turn railcom off as the ESU unit doesn’t allow that change in the quick menu

It can be turned off by setting CV29 bit 3 to 0. If it's a legomanbiffo project, let me know which one and I'll tell you what to set CV29 to.


But make sure your ECoS is updated to the latest firmware and you might not have the problem any more.



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