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Lairg oil terminal

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Hi all


Can anybody help with this iam looking for pics and also operational details

i know the loco works up with then runs-round and propels the tanks but does the loco stay there

or depart LE to Inverness? Also how many tanks can be unloaded at a time ant is there any slip

working ie loaded and unloaded wagons swapped on site?





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Hi Dave,


Can confirm what you already know and fill in some of the blanks but not all..


Some pics from a visit in April 2007 during a typical Highland downpour.


66103 arrives with rake of 8 TTA's




Runs round






On the day of my visit no empties were present - I would imagine that any shunting would be performed at this point. Quickly, obviously so as not to disrupt the passenger service....


66103 couples up




and propels the stock into the discharge siding




Judging by the state of the siding to the left of the rake I would guess that this is where the empty stock would be shunted prior to propelling the full wagons.




On this particular day the loco left LE but by then I was just glad to get back in the car.





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