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Plywood Board 4'x2' for n gauge, Generic questions

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Hi all,


I have a 4'x2' board that i am going to use for N gauge, however i have come to a few ruts:


  • I wanted double track running, but judging by my calculations, i won't be able to have 2nd and third radii continuous runs like i first hoped.

  • secondly, how would i do the fiddle yard 'behind the scenes', would i require lots of cross-overs?

  • thirdly, whats the best height for the layout, i (hopefully) intend that i will be on the exhibition circuit with it, so i need a position which is easy on my back (being 6foot 4inch tall) and also a good height for the punters.

  • Lastly, i have decided to stick with DC as my method of control for various reasons, please do not turn this topic into a rant about why im not DCC, but can someone recommend me make/model of controller suitable for my purposes in DC?

Many thanks in advance,

Bruce :)

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Firstly a 2ft wide board is enough to ease out the radius of the curves, depends if your using setrack or flexible, as for a fiddle yard, 4 ft isn't a great length to have a vast expanse of loops, with setrack points you could probably have at least two loops of a reasonable size (depends what trains your looking to run?) height wise i would set it at what you are comfortable working at. and for control i've always stuck with gaugemaster but there are plenty of others i'm sure that are equally good.



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