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esu ECoS 50200 controller


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I have a problem now that i did not have in the beginning?  I have a controller and a booster running my

layout I can run up to 20 locos at the same time, from time to time I will move stock across the two sections

( controller supply and booster supply) this worked ok when built now it will not let me run a loco across

this section, The controller turns off not the booster supply as if there is a short?  I have upgrade the softwere                                                                                         from time to time and added more dcc items ( signals ass decoders)


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Hi Richard

Now I am confused, I have checked the wires from the contoller and booster with the tags

I put on them when I built the layout and they have not been changed and worked ok

then, so I tried switching the wires over and to my suprise it worked. How did this fault

happen? when controller Firmware  was upgraded?

Many Thanks I would not have thought of that.


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