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Any empty space in the Dean Goods boiler?


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I've a new 'favourite' way of adding extra weight where it's apparently not available.

The boilers are round, the slot for motor access is generally narrower than the maximum inner boiler diameter.

I figure out the maximum I can superglue in (careful for holes such as handrail mounts where glue could leak out) and I glue in Pb weighting which can avoid the motor.


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1 hour ago, Hal Nail said:

Doesn't lead react with glue and expand? Theres a thread on here somewhere with a loco burst apart as a result.


I believe that there is an interaction between lead and PVA glue.

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14 minutes ago, atom3624 said:

Interesting observation, and thanks for the heads up, if true.

No disrespect but I hope you're wrong.




Yes. He's 100% correct. A very common occurrence and has been covered on here a few times. Some glues will react with the lead, especially PVA and I believe superglue.


Don't touch with a bargepole unless you use something you know won't react.



However some stuff calling itself lead isn't actually lead. ISTR that "Liquid Lead" is now lead free....






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I've been using builder's lead sheeting, which I cut to size.

Depending upon the space available, I may fold over, to increase weight within the volume, or not be able.


Totally correct to bring to people's attention any problems encountered.

Looking through the posts, I think what I'm doing is fine - relatively high purity Pb sheet, cut and shaped to size then glued into place.


The problem appears to be when high volumes of adhesive are used, let's say nearly 50:50 ratio of glue to metal.



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