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Sonic Models next N gauge model - LNER J50


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After the M7 they might want to give the 14xx, 45xx and Ivatt another go with a new chassis and a decoder socket.


Dapol also have the drawings they need to do a Mogul and a 61xx. 


That is of course if they really wanted to and the jury may be out, I don't think Farish are going to do any of them as they cannot replicate in OO.


The Collett and Dean Goods may be something Sonic goes for as a tender engine without having to worry about complex valve gear.


This does feel rather GW biased, of course there are plenty of LSWR tender 0-6-0s Sonic could do.


It actually feels that if Sonic stay with inside valve gear locos the biggest company threatened is Union Mills

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As far as Sonic go, I wouldn't care to predict what they will do after the J50 which was a big and very pleasant surprise to a lot of people, myself included.


A simple 0-6-0 tender loco may make sense, but given Colin Allbright's UK knowledge I feel sure Sonic will know what models Union Mills produce and consequently what to avoid duplicating.


I expect thin pickings from Farish going forward personally, their eye seems to be firmly on investment in the OO range and while I may always be proved wrong, I do not expect a new tool steam loco for a while.


It is a minefield to negotiate, but I can't help feeling that the third Sonic model will be an equally unexpected but inspired choice - how about a WW1 GC ROD 2-8-0 for example? To be clear, not a prediction but just an example of what there is to choose from.



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Saw the painted sample in various e-mails today.


I can't work out if the Hornby OO model has skewed what I think the J50 looks like, or if the proportions are just slightly out on this one? Small steam in N is always harder. It's more of an "impression" rather than being able to state what's off. Still glad it's being made and hope it sells well - and I await education from those more knowledgeable on its accuracy!

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painted sample on the rails stand at Doncaster today.


I didn't have my camera with me but it looks rather nice.    I'm holding off pre-ordering (any actual purchase would be renumbered in any case) until I've seen one pulling a train as my 56xx has proved somewhat gutless and the job I have in mind needs it to pull 8 bogie coaches.




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2 hours ago, Crepello said:

Aren't all J50 sales being handled by Rails of Sheffield? 

Patience, patience!

Yes, that is my understanding, they will be exclusive to Rails of Sheffield.


Presumably if a Q2/3 delivery they will at the very least be in production by now.



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