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The latest digital issue of TRACTION is now available on Pocket Mags and the print issue will be on sale on October 1st.


We start this issue with a detailed look at Irish Rail in the 1990s when the railways of the Republic of Ireland were a Mecca for railway enthusiasts wanting to experience the locomotive haulage of almost all trains outside the Dublin suburban area. David Clough and Steve Turner take us back to those years when orange and black diesels ruled the rails.


David Hayes concludes his study of the UKF fertiliser trains whilst David Ratcliffe provides details of the distinctive wagons used on these trains.


Dave Allen remembers how difficult it was to find information about railway operations in the 1980s; fortunately he recorded some of the workings of Class 25s in the Aylesbury area.


Jason Hickling, a driver from Saltley depot, describes his experiences of driving freight trains from the Birmingham area to Crewe and how he used his break there to photograph locomotives in the diesel depot.


Our two photo features show the contrasting scene in the Peak District and at Finsbury Park depot.


John Baker concludes his series of articles about the paint schemes applied at Eastfield depot in the final years before it closed.


In TRACTION MODELLING…. we feature the marvellous 4mm scale layout Perry Barr set in the Birmingham area which is complete with scratchbuilt overhead catenary. In
the review section there is a look at the superb Irish Railway Models A Class/001 locomotive



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Great issue, thank you.  I collected mine this morning  - fortuitously I was on a carefully-planned day off!  ;)


Plenty to enjoy, with a nice article on Irish Rail in the 1990s and some great pictures.  David Ratcliffe's article on the UKF Fertilizer Vans was also interesting, especially the great colour picture of the rebuilt van with the unusual roof in the dark blue Kemira livery atop page 19.  Looking forward to settling down for a proper read later on. 


Best wishes,




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