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A recent addition to my Northern Irish line up.  B&CDR No 26, built in 1892 and working to the end of the BCDR in 1950. The train is a mixture of Provincial Wagons and Slater's




It's a conversion from a Bachmann "C" class SECR 0-6-0, with a brass kit tender purchased originally in 2014.- been a long time in the making!  As usual with mine, there are compromises but i think she looks well, and is a smaller engine than No 4 which featured in a previous posting.



I think older classes of locos with open cabs really need a crew. The fireman is working hard on the up grade to the bridge over the main lines.




No 26 did haul passenger trains, chiefly on the Ballynahinch and Donaghadee lines, though did appear occasionally on the main line to Newcastle and the Bangor branch.




Just to show the difference between 26 and 4 - considerably smaller, but, I think more attractive!  I bluffed the Beyer maker's nameplate on the middle splasher - its just the lining with a brass strip painted on -unlike modern models, you don't look at this one through a magnifying glass; keep your distance! Both engines are Bachmann and the making of No 4 is covered in a recent edition of New Irish Lines



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