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Acton lane power station

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I'm looking at building a little industrial railway layout around a section of Acton lane power station. There are plenty pictures on the web but I'm looking for aerial photos of the rail infrastructure on the site.

This is so I can build a layout around a part of the power station site. If anyone can help it would be great.


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There are three on the Britain from above website, however none really show the rail infrastructure well.






Bit the NLS website gas some maps like this:




Any use?





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I think those films probably used the former Central London Railway generating station at Wood Lane, not very far away. That was certainly used for ‘Who framed Roger Rabbit?’


The LU traction substation at Wood Lane had to be relocated as part of the shopping centre construction in the early 2000s, and part of the old generating station building, which is listed, was used to create a ‘shell’ for that, so it’s no longer a filming location.


There was also another Wood Lane generating station, owned latterly by London Electricity, and there is another generating station in Willesden at Taylor’s Lane, which is now a gas turbine station, but originally had railway sidings for coal.


There were others in the area too, and I could go on, but suffice to say that NW London was ‘power station central’ from the early 1900s to the 1960/70s.




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7 hours ago, mike morley said:

Amongst much else,Wikipedia states that Acton Lane was indeed used for Aliens and Batman.



 I had a quick look on the documentary on the Special Features for "Aliens", there's a brief and tantalising glimpse of the sidings with stock outside the power station before the conversion work and set building started :)  My mistake about "Red Dwarf" though, apparently that was Bankside Power Station before conversion to the Tate Modern.  London power stations seem to have done well as filming locations, such as (railway related through the well-known internal lines) Beckton gas works becoming Hue City in "Full Metal Jacket", but I'll stop before I drift your thread away any further ;) 

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Jim I'm intrigued with one of the pictures of the Acton lane power station. It shows Little Barford at a siding.

The bit that interests me in the picture is the design of the security fencing. It looks like it's made from concrete posts with concrete sections fitted in between the posts and wire along the top.

I wonder if any model suppliers have actually made these types of fences as I would like some.

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