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Modern Hornby King motor and worm questions (X7011)

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Hey all, first post here, please be gentle. I have a recent Hornby King Class (R3409) that I purchased as poorly running. It's outfitted with what I believe is a 5-pole motor in a slot-car style housing with a brass worm gear. After tracing it to the motor, I noticed there was slight arcing in the commutator that you could see from the openings in the motor housing. Seems like the commutator and channels in the commutator need to be cleaned. Unfortunately I was unable to remove the worm from the motor no matter how hard I tried even with proper tools. Eventually I removed the black housing and was able to clean the commutator some, but not fully. That improved running but I still noticed that there was visible arcing in the commutator still, I think that will continue until I can fully clean it. I think I'm going to wait until I need to order more spares and just get a new Motor and worm (Hornby X7011)

So my questions are:

-Is the worm gear on Hornby X7011 supposed to be permanently affixed? I'm wondering if the motor got hot over time and seized the gear.

-Is there a generic mabuchi motor or other Hornby motor that is the black housing 5-pole that would work?

Here's a photo from Peter's spares for reference. I'm alright with ordering a new motor if I need to but seeing if there are alternatives.



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Non removable worms have sadly almost become the norm. Motors are consumables in the way brushes used to be.  I think the trend started with the Airfix Prairie in about 1975(?) though you could change brushes and clean the commutator on those.     Either fitting a supresser / ceramic Cap on DC or using a DCC decoder should help minimise the arcing.

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