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Longest gap between visits!?


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I was brought up in Cheshire and visiting York was very much school trip or railways excursion territory so I used to occasionally visit monk bar model shop with my family. The last visit was around 1992/3. I then moved to the area and worked in York so it became my new local shop and I started patronising it again in 2015. Well over 20 years between visits.


After this weekend I topped even that. I visited B and H models in Lincoln for the first and only time at the circa 1989/90 Lincoln Christmas market. I visited it again yesterday (admittedly up the hill in a new location). Well over 30 years! 

Can anyone beat that? Does anybody even care? Lol


PS both shops are traditional and well worth frequenting if in the areas. I also liked that the latter also sold child friendly items such as Brio to engage them early. 

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There are long gaps  between my visits to Monk Bar model shop as I do not visit York often.  Last time was November 2014.

I have never been to B & H in Lincoln.

Due to the covid I went over a year from March 2020 without visiting my nearest model shop, C & M Models in Carlisle.  Definitely suffered withdrawal symptoms and glad to have been back a few times more recently!

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Visits to Perorama/PECO shop have been 1977, 1983, 1999 and 2013. Nice shop for everything other than PECO; as expected their own products were RRP but you would expect them to have nearly their whole range in stock.  

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I’ve just been wracking my brains thinking of model shops I visited last many years ago to set myself a challenge of beating this. 

I think that all the ones I never went back to (such as childhood family holidays in Devon, Blackpool and the Lake District etc) have now shut so cannot be revisited. 

I took a break from 1996 to 2006 so any surviving shop I visited before and after automatically qualifies for 10 years…


One of my hobbies within a hobby is visiting model shops when I get the opportunity in an area away from my usual stomping ground.

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I haven't been to a model shop since before covid.  

I haven't been on a train or bus since before covid.

I have only visited a supermarket a few times since covid.

I did manage to go to the barber's for a haircut twice last year though.

I have been to hospital a few times since covid though (the last time being this afternoon)

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