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In the March/ April issue of TRACTION we start with two articles about military traffic, the first being about the movement of MOD stores after the ending of the Speedlink network in 1991. Accompanying this is a portrait of the Gosport branch in the late 1980s when naval stores were carried by rail.


Moving to a line that has in recent years seen a great improvement in its fortunes we look at the former Great Western & Great Central Joint Line and the ‘Bicester Cut-Off’ during the 1980s when the line carried only minimal traffic. Despite that there was interesting locomotive haulage of passenger trains.


For Network SouthEast fans we take a look at the end of the EPB era on the lines around Horsham and Dorking.


In our European section we start a two part series about the electric locomotives of Belgium beginning with the locomotives constructed in the 1950s.


Continuing our photographic coverage of the West Coast Main Line over Shap in this issue the line south from Shap Summit to Lancaster features a variety of diesel motive power.


Sometimes change is so dramatic that it is hard to believe that something once even existed. An example of this is Brookhouse Colliery by the Sheffield to Lincoln line. Once a busy rail freight centre it is now just a wooded area so we are left with just the memories and photographs.


We continue our occasional series of articles about industrial locomotives with a look at the products of the Stafford based company of Bagnalls.


In TRACTION MODELLING we present the marvellous 4mm scale terminal layout Alderford which features overhead 25Kv AC electrification as well an impressive station building and overall roof. In the review section Heljan’s latest O Scale Class 47 is truly a model to drool over!


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