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Congratulations Revolution - Model Rail N Gauge Manufacturer of the Year


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Congratulations to Ben and Mike(s).

Revolution has been voted N Gauge Manufacturer of the Year in the Model Rail vote.

Not only that but their Class 92 was voted Loco of the year and to top it all off the IPA Car Carriers were voted Wagons of the Year.

Not bad eh!!

Accolades that are richly deserved. Well Done!



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7 hours ago, Bomag said:

If this was for 2021 was there any other properly new loco?


Kato Class 800 was in the same category. NGS Hunslet arrived in 2021 but may not have qualified on time or provenance grounds.

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Very well deserved, especially on the wagon front as Revolution have (and I hope will continue to) really focused on missing and much needed modern rolling stock. Agreed 2022 will be a tough year to choose winners with one or possibly two new 59s, the 319 and 321 on their way plus countless wagons and the Mk5s…



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