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Writing for TRACTION magazine

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Whilst TRACTION has many regular contributors the editor is always interested in receiving articles from readers who would like to give writing "a go" but haven't yet done so.


If you have a topic that you think might interest readers do get in touch with the editor at our editorial email address ;




We are interested in articles about almost any topic to do with the diesel and electric railway, including locomotives, rolling stock and railway operation from the beginnings of the "modern" railway until the early years of the privatised railway.


Don't worry if you haven't written before as we don't need great pieces of literature and we can always help you improve! If you don't have any photographs to illustrate what you are writing about that probably won't be a problem as we have access to thousands of photographs about almost any subject.


If you would like to see you name in print in TRACTION first of all get in touch with the editor with your ideas to see if it is a suitable topic.


Stephen Rabone



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