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Large Garden Railway Figures

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Hi Guys,


Hopefully someone may know the answer to this and be able to help.


I make Wooden Trains to use as garden planters, don’t worry I’m not here to advertise.


I was wondering if it is possible to get Driver figures in the standing position at around 6 inches tall?


Thanks in advance.





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Look in the toy section of charity shops for the 6" figures, superheroes and the like. Take a coarse file and remove all the body armour, guns etc and shape the helmets into grease tops. Pound shops do packs of these soldiers as well. Prime and paint, again, Pound shop.

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What about "H.M. Armed Forces" figures? Nicely proportioned and articulated male dolls in the Action Man style?

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Have you thought about making your own? A length of dowel or broomstick with the top turned into a head, with or without a cap, and arms from the cheap lolly sticks sold in The Range or The Works. All could be held together with thinner dowels. To me they would be more in keeping with the wooden styling of your locos. You can get wooden balls if turning the heads is too tricky, although you already turned or carved your dome.

An even simpler design could be to cut the dowel at an angle and paint faces onto the angled surface and the rest a uniform colour, with or without painted details, like hands, buttons etc. I made some crib figures with small sections of cut branches. The bark was OK for them, but plain dowel would fit your style better, I suspect.


Treemendous Crib Figures.jpg

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