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Road vehicles and ships.

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Scalemates is a useful tool for this sort of thing. Here's a list of everything they've catalogued that claims to be 1:120, though of course use with caution as not all kits are actually the advertised scale and some Kitmaster TT3 kits have crept in as well.

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A couple of TT road vehicles.  I’ve bought them second hand, but I’ve shared below the details I have:




(photo from my Layout Thread: Moorbach)


The Multicar on the left is a Reifra model that comes in a plastic blister pack, marked as distributed by Tillig.  It’s a neat little model but could do with some careful painting (and weathering - which is my usual term for bad painting).


The VW van is an Epoche model that came in a simple clear unmarked plastic box. It is also all plastic (not diecast).  Neither vehicle has number plates, but the van especially has been bought with one eye on future use on a UK layout.  I don’t know how old these are, or how widely available these ranges may be / may have been in the UK.  They are very much simple plastic models (layout accessories).  Having become used to being rather spoiled by the huge explosion in available high-quality diecast models for both UK OO and UK N in recent years, these are perhaps more of a reminder of how things used to be here too?    


I’ll also post some photos on the Comparison thread showing them against OO vehicles.  Thanks, Keith.

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Those of you who have been following my account of my German TT layout 'Kirchheim' in the German section of this website will have seen some of my kit or model-bashing to extend the relatively thin range of TT-120 trucks. The MAN/RABA/Roman Diesel tractor units by Schirmer (formerly before re-unification MK-Modell Leipzig and then Klose) are a great starting point as are the bits and pieces from Schirmer's artic trailers and Herpa's modern artic tractors and trailers. A good source of truck and trailer parts can/could often be found in German model shops in the form of the bit bags produced by SES - those bags are the source of chassis and axle parts for my MAN adventures. See photos! The final photo of the MAN with the green cab shows the combining of a Schirmer cab with SES chassis parts and and bits of Evergreen profile! The Russian company Svezda (whose wares have probably now vanished from model shops!) do a nice range of basic kits in 1:100/1:120 for wargaming fans. In the range are a Russian/Ukrainian Ural 6x6, an AEC Matador(!) and an Opel Blitz which I have not only built but also use as a source of parts. The tracked excavator on my scratch-built low-loader is Japanese 1:150 scale, bought in Aachen - sadly, I have been never able to find another digger from the range, There are some Czech manufacturers who produce nice truck kits in 1:120 scale - see the photo of the grey LIAZ tipper and low loader trailer. The ES Pecky website in Czech shows some current models ...https://1185589887.s1.eshop-rychle.cz/es-pecky/eshop/1-1-Es-Pecky/8-2-Es-TT-stavebnice-aut

Zvezda 1.jpg

Schwanenhals fast fertig.jpg




LIAZ mit Tieflader.JPG

Raba 0.jpg

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