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Hansom MAN

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During the 'Showcase' I was very impressed by the road vehicles displayed by Jim Smith Wright on New Street - particularly the very smart BRS MAN - kinda fell for for it and I was really surprised at it's humble origins. A little later on I saw one on the DEMU stand, so I paid the £2 asked and trotted home wondering what to do with it.


The story so far...



The £2 purchase.



A tractor unit chassis.



Seeing if it fits.



A bit of a tidy.



Some panel detail - needs a bit more work.



I had hoped of doing one of P&O's tractor units working out of Southampton but they had 'sleeper' cabs (and another axle!)... So I shall have to look for another subject.

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Guest jim s-w



Its worth lopping off the chassis so that the back lines up with the wheel arches.





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